Mantenna - Wednesday, February 25

February 25, 2009

A topless coffee shop opens in Maine, Tom Jones shares a creepy story about Elvis Presley, and the 10 hottest Brazilian models of all's the Mantenna!

Source: Manofest

The 10 Hottest Brazilian Models of All Time

Brazil should change its name to the Republicia de Hotties as it is home to a large concentration of the world’s most beautiful women. There must be something in the water down there because the women Brazil produces are incredible. They are so hot they make your knees buckle. Manofest has managed to stay upright and produce a list of the 10 hottest Brazilian models of all time. [Manofest]

A Cup of Joe and a Pair of Boobs to Start Your Morning

In a sign of deepening economic gloom, a new topless coffee shop in a small town has had over 150 people apply for 10 positions. The Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro, Maine, is an over-18 establishment that serves coffee and donuts served by topless women. The rules of the coffee shop state “no cameras, no touching, cash only.” Susie Wiley, a waitress at the coffee shop, explains her interest in the topless position: “It's something different… I love it. I find it very empowering, not degrading." A cup of coffee goes for $3. [Kennebec Journal]

Zack Snyder is Down to Direct Dark Knight Returns

Zack Snyder has gone on record during an interview saying that he would like to direct a film adaptation of the Frank Miller comic Dark Knight Returns. And Frank Miller has given his blessings to Snyder to do just that. It’s unlikely we’ll see this any time soon, or at least until Christopher Nolan has finished having his way with the ol’ Wayne estate. Snyder said, “I think the big challenge for me would be — it's so 'montage-y' and so media thick, that you just have to — that's the techniques you'd have to develop and make work. But as far as the rest goes, the thing I'd be really interested in is that kind of Frank [Miller] narration over that cool action.” If Watchmen goes according to plan, maybe he’ll get his wish after all. []

Tom Jones Says Elvis Watched Him Shower

Tom Jones has revealed that he was once eyed up by Elvis Presley while taking a shower. Jones said he was getting ready for a performance in Las Vegas when Presley came to visit him in his dressing room. Speaking on a talk show recently, Jones said, "He had this song that he wanted me to hear. I said, 'Well, I've got to jump in the shower for a second then I'll be out.’" He went on to say that Elvis "couldn't wait. I was in the shower and I could hear Elvis Presley singing. And when I opened my eyes, and look, he was leaning over the door singing to me in the shower. I think he was checking me out." Damn. []

Rick Rubin joins Clipse In The Studio

Entertainment Weekly has reported that Rick Rubin has been working on tracks for Clipse's long-awaited third album Till the Casket Drops most of this month. Rubin, who signed Clipse to Columbia Records shortly after taking over as the label's co-chairman in 2007, has completed one tune with them so far and plans to work with them on one to two more tracks in the coming weeks. Clipse is currently aiming for a late-summer release for their LP, which will feature contributions from a wide range of artists. The first single "Kinda Like a Big Deal," produced by DJ Khalil and featuring Kanye West, is set to drop March 9th. [Pitchfork]

Gallery of Gigantic Fish Caught


Source: Uncoached

Uncoached has a gallery of unnervingly large fish that fishermen of all ages have hauled in from the inky depths of God knows where. There’s nothing manlier than fishing, and there’s no manlier type of fishing than fishing for friggin’ sea monsters. Almost every single one of these fish would make a lesser man squeal in terror and wave his hands around with his elbows glued to his sides like he was batting away a bee from his bonnet. Not that we would know anything about that. [Uncoached]

PSP Coming in the Fall?

David Perry, a worker at Acclaim, has simultaneously divulged that the upcoming PSP2 will get rid of its UMD drive and that it will possibly be released this coming Fall.  The removal of that drive will make for a potentially thinner PSP, and it will almost certainly improve its battery life.  His projection for a fall release was based in his knowledge that Sony has a prototype of some kind that a developer he spoke to is already working on. [Gizmodo]

Should Steve Jobs Take Over Detroit?

Back in November, The New York Times suggested it would be a good idea for Apple CEO Steve Jobs to come to the auto industry's rescue. Jobs is worshipped by many in the tech world and many feel that he pretty much saved Apple in the 1990s. But thinking that a brilliant tech guy can right the ship at struggling automakers could possibly be called a stretch. Well, Spark Capital founder Todd Dagres doesn't think so, as evidenced by his recent open letter to President Barack Obama. []

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