Ninja Vs Shaolin Monk

December 19, 2010

Sorry for the delay, but i had trouble finding out what weapons i was gonna use for this match-up. Both parties have had an amazing amount of weapons and i really could not figur out what would be an honest match-up. I finally agreed on the weapons and this first time, i stayed close to DW.

Will the sneaky murderer be able to assasinate the pacifistic monk, or will he strike back and show who is the deadlier warrior.

Ninja VS. Shaolin Monk

Ninja                                                                                                                      Everybody has seen a anime or read a manga where those sneaky played a part. He was either the hero who had to save the day, or the evil villain who must be slain to make shure the kingdom was safe.                                                                           The Ninja was a lowerclass peasant who got training to become a deadly warrior. Most of the time these peasants hated the upperclass people. These peasants got training to become an sneaky warrior, who showed these upperclass samurai that people in the lower class could be dangerous too. Not all ninja were peasants, some famous ninja were in fact upperclass soldiers and samurai. I wonder if they killed themselfs. The ninja had three important jobs. Espionage: The most important job of the ninja. They came in disguise and checked enemy terrain, buildings or passwords/codes. Sabotage: the ninja sabotaged an  enemy castle or camp. Those things are perfect to weaken a enemy without getting anyone hurt. Assasination: altough it is unclear if an ninja was trained to be an assasin of just a mercenary for hire, but fact is that in history, a lot of famous people died onder strange circumstances. Everybody knows about the ninja who could control the elements and transform into any animal, he liked. He sneaked in a black suit, to stay hidden. The stories about supernatural powers are partly because of the mysterie that surrounds them and partly brought in the world by themself, making them look more fearsome or badass. In history the ninja has donned many disguises, but there is no record of the black suit we know today. This suit comes from the theater, in japanse theater, non-cast members wore black suits on the stage, people did not pay attention that way. When ninja came on stage, he needed to be invisible and so the actor wore a black suit.

The ninja will sneak his way around with the ninjato, kusarigama and last the black eggs. The ninja does not wear any armour. As you can see, i chose to keep the weapons of DW, i onlly put them in different types. I think that this will give a balanced representation of the ninja.

Shaolin Monk                                                                                                      The Shaolin Monk is a buddhist monk. Altough they are peaceful, they learned to use many dangerous weapons to protect themselfs. The name is quick recogniseble and many people around the world know of this monk. This is partly by populai culture like bullitproof monk and mortal kombat, but also because of the kung fu form, shaolin Kung fu. These monks try to avoid battle as much as possible, but can injure, maim and kill if need to. Sorry about the little information about them, but thats all i could find, which was not an opinion. 

The Monk strikes back with the broadsword, quaterstaff, rope dart and twin hooks. The Shoalin too, will be unarmed. As uou can see, i have replaced the emaipierces with the broadsword, because i could find nothing indicating the monks used emai piercers. I also replaced the whipchain, for the same reason as the piercers. The weapons the monk is using are 14 of the 17 basis weapons that are associated with them.


Ninjato Vs. Broadsword                                                                                         Both are powerful weapons, but the broadsword the monk uses, is not good at thusting, he can cut very well. I give a very small advatage to the ninjato, because it is quicker and can thrust easily as well as cut.                                                         Edge: Ninja

Kusarigama Vs. Quarterstaff                                                                                 The kusarigama has a ball that can smash, a chain that can choke and a kama that can cut. The quarterstaff can smash. Both are very good weapons, the problem with the quarterstaff is that you need to hit the face or temple to kill. It is a good defence weapon but a less good offence weapon. Also the kusarigama outranges the quarterstaff.                                                                                                       Edge Ninja

Blowgun Vs. Rope dart                                                                                         The blowgun is a perfect weapon to kill someone from a distance. The poisend darts it shoots out, can kill as soon as it comes into contact with blood. The rope dart needs to be swung but can cut and choke. Problem with the blowgun is that it needs to enter the blood to work, that is not a big problem with the unarmed monk, but you can still hit only flesh. The rope dart does not need to reload, you can use it as many times as possible and you can choke your opponent or use to knife at the end of the cord in your hand. Thats why i give the egde to the rope dart.                                  Edge: Shaolin Monk

Black eggs Vs. Twin Hooks                                                                                   The black eggs are a good methode to escape or make your opponent exposed. If it hits, its basicly end of the battle, but if it misses, it will not do anything at all. Plus there is a chance you get it in your own eyes. The twin hooks are good weapons to defend and attack. They can hooked together to get an even longer range and can both cut and pierc. Even though the black eggs are cool and usefull in battle, the egge goes to the twinhooks.                                                                                 Edge: Shaolin Monk

Armour                                                                                                              Neither warrior wears armour. The ninja can dress up to hide his appearence, but that only works untill the first attack. Also, from the appearence of the monk, you wont suspect an able warrior.                                                                                Edge: Even

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Kahn Lu walked slowly over the pad, he has walked  many times before. This morning, he passed it towards the academy where young monks got trained into the sacret art of the shaolin order. Now they were done, he returned. His weapons with him, he walked back to the monastary. 'The walks always entertain him, the flowers, the animals, the sun and the wind. He liked everything and everyone. He swiped some sweat from his forehead and straightend the rope dart he had swung over his body and used his quarterstaff with walking. somewhere before him, a villager worked hard, cutting leaves next to the road. He passed the man and and said 'Good afternoon'. The worker nodded and Kahn Lu continued his journy.

There, the victim was there, Shuzin thought. Some chinese dude came, he wanted that monk dead. Shuzin did not care why, he got paid to do it, so he he was going to do just that. You do not ask questions to clients. Cutting some flowers and leaves with the kama part of his karusigama, he acted like an workman. He planned to keep this disguise untill the monk had walked past them. Then he was going to strike. He checked for a second of the other part of his kurigisama was hidden well and if he could reach his blowgun within seconds. His ninjato too was hidden well in the grass. One thing, he ninja did not understand, why was he send to dispose of this guy. He did not look dangerous, everybody could kill him with ease, he recond. The only thing dangerous were the weapons that guy had with him. The guy used a stick for walking. The monk passed him and said something to him.  Shuzin did not get what he said. The ninja just gave a quick nodd and the monk walked past. The ninja saw how the monk stopped for a second, he took ou his blowgun and aimed at the neck of this monk. Only to have the dart fly past when the monk started walking again. Irritated that he missed such an easy chance, he refilled the blowgun and before he could get it to his lips again, the monk had turned around. Crap, now his cover was blown too.

Kahn Lu stopped for a second, he took a moment to enjoy the sound of nature and when he got futher, he noticed something fly past him. He turned around and saw the workman with somehting that looked like a blowpipe in his hand. Understanding this was no an ordinary workman, Kahn Lu used his quarterstaff to slam the weapon out of the hands of the enemy. He quickly attacked again, only to see how the warrior dodged it. Agile, good to know. 

Shuzin felt his hand burn when the staff hit his hand and forced the blowgun out of his hand. Luckely, he could still use it. The monk attacked again and the ninja stepped backwards and to the side, so the staff missed. He really underestimated this opponent, but he needed to kill him. No mercy. he took his kurusigama from the ground and started swinging the ball. He aimed it at the monk who used the staff to block the attack. Kahn Lu, then tried to sweep  the feet of his enemy with the staff, but the ninja kept his balance and swung the ball again. Before the ball could make contact, the Shaolin used the quarterstaff to block again, only to see the ball wrap itself around the pole. He released his weapon as the ninja pulled at the chain. Knowing, it took time to untangle, he kept holding onto the kama part and shortend the distance. I can do that too, the shaolin thought as he unwrapped the chain dart. He started swinging and as the ninja came closer, he succesfully hit the left leg and left shoulder of the attacker.  Feeling the blood that came out of the wounds, the Monk just gave him, he ran towards his victim and cut the rope and slashed at the monk. Kahn Lu grabbed both of his twinhooks now his rope dart was useless, he blocked the second attack of the kama and tried to slash at the arm of the Ninja. he missed and blocked another attack. He tried to cut the leg of the ninja away but Shuzin replaced his legs just in time. Spinning around the monk, the Ninja tried to put the kama in the neck of the guy who just did not want to die. The Shaolin kicked backwards and hit the ribs of the Ninja. When turning around, he kicked the hand of the Ninja and forced him to drop the weapon again. Pissed that this happend two times already now, he swept the feet of the Monk, who fell and after a kick in stumach. The Monk released his weapons. The Ninja tried to kick at the head but the arm of the monk was in the way, rolled backwards and stood up. As Shuzin jumped into the grass again, to retrieve his ninjato, Kahn Lu took his broadsword out and jumped after him. The next moment, both warrior were clashed into a big swordfight, trying to cut, stab and block. The grass shortend with the second and both warriors had cuts all over them. Suddenly, Shuzin saw that behind the trees, on another road, some people were walking. Knowing the road they were taking leads to the road they were fighting on, he knew he had to finish the fight then. On that moment of distraction, kahn Lu Slashed the Ninja across the chest, leaving a big and bloody wound. Ignoring the pain, Shuzin grabbed with his free hand a ball and threw it at the monk. Hitting the face and blinding him, the Shaolin did not know what him overcame and the ninja used this moment to slash the leg of his opponent, who fell on the ground.  Without a second of doubt, the Ninja thrusted his sword into the heart of the Shaolin Monk.

As the people came near, the ninja dropped into the grass, hoping to succesfully hide, or pretend death. It all stood on whatever these incoming people would spot him. Lying there, Shuzin thought about this amazing fighter who put up a good fight. He would remember this warrior.

Winner: Ninja

The grades


Ninjato: 8.5

Kurusigama: 9

Blowgun: 8

Black eggs: 8

Armour: 6

Total: 39.5


Shaolin Monk:

Broadsword: 8

Quarterstaff: 7.5

Rope dart: 8

Twinhooks: 9

Armour: 6

Total: 38.5


The ninja had just the better weapons to kill, while the Shaolin weapons were mainly to control the opponent. They both put up a good fight.


In the next fight, Zulu leader Shaha will take on the commange. Will this native be as succesful as the Apache or will Shaka show him why he became leader of the zulu's.