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Mantenna - Wednesday, January 21

by spike.com   January 21, 2009 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 97

Eva Mendes is voted the most desirable woman in the world, what convinced Amy Winehouse to turn her life around, and the top 10 awesome slam dunks from the NBA...it's the Mantenna!

Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images

10 Awesome Slam Dunks

The Slam Dunk Contest is one of the highlights of the NBA season. It’s a chance for the greatest players in the league to show off their skills and out-dunk each other. The next contest is scheduled for February 14th, in Phoenix. In the meantime, feast on Uncoached’s list of 10 incredible slam dunk videos. Some of the highlights include dunks by Vince Carter, Jason Richardson and Michael Jordan going head-to-head with Dominique Wilkins. [Uncoached.com]

Eva Mendes Voted Most Desirable Woman

Eva Mendes has been named the most desirable woman in 2009 by men’s website AskMen.com. The 34-year-old actress topped the 9th annual "Top 99 Most Desirable Women"  list after readers were asked to rank a list of women on their looks, intelligence, humor, charisma, and ambition. With more that 10 million votes cast, Mendes beat out Megan Fox, Marisa Miller, Keeley Hazell and Anne Hathaway to take the top spot. [AskMen.com]

The Photo That Convinced Amy Winehouse to Kick Drugs

Amy Winehouse is crediting a photo with helping her to kick drugs once and for all. Taken last November, the picture shows the gaunt pop star covered in cuts and with a pained expression on her face. Amy says it persuaded her to turn her life around and get clean. Time will only tell. [Mail Online]

Smokers are Stupid

A recent West Virginia University survey published in the Journal of Oncology Practice found that even though smoking is a risk factor for multiple types of cancer, more than half of smokers diagnosed with the disease keep using tobacco. Forty-four percent of smokers quit after being diagnosed with cancer. 62 percent have said they received advice from doctors or nurses about quitting the habit. [FOXNews.com]

Apatow Will Horrify You

A weird little bit of movie gossip got spread around the webs today that Bill Hader and Saturday Night Live writer Simon Rich have written a horror film and they know exactly who they want to direct it: Judd Apatow. Wait a minute, go back, go back – who do they want to direct this? Yes, you read that right, it’s Judd Apatow. Hader said, “I don’t know if it’s even going to get made. Judd met with us and said ‘I want to do a horror movie with you. I want to see you in a slasher movie.’” Well, okay then. Kind of hard to argue with that. If Apatow says he wants to see you in something, then you give the man what he wants. If anyone can bring something new (and funny? and heart warming?) to the slasher genre, it’s gotta be Apatow. [Cinematical]

Commercials Coming to Pandora Internet Radio

Pandora has long been heralded as the flagship of what internet radio can and should be.  It was completely commercial-free, and it “read” your music tastes by analyzing the songs you put in and comparing them to other songs.  One time, Pandora told us “Oh man, Spike.com, if you like Rob Zombie, you’ll love this band called The Creep Show,” and then they played it for us and they were totally right.  Anyway, now they’re getting old, lame, and full of commercials. [Wired.com]

Obama’s Suit was Bulletproof


Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

President Obama let some jaws dropped when he strolled from his motorcade to the inaugural podium in open air arm-in-arm with the first lady. But some of his poise was store-bought.  Or, perhaps, black market bought? We’re not totally sure where one gets such spiffy, bulletproof clothing. [Gizmodo]

Top Gear's "The Stig" Identity Leaked!

The Stig, the silent mystery driver from the popular BBC motoring show, Top Gear, has had his identity secret for years. But according to the UK's Telegraph, the "White Stig" has apparently ended the mystery, revealing himself as 33-year-old Ben Collins. Collins has raced professionally in everything from NASCAR to LeMans, and most recently served as Agent 007's double for sequences of Quantum of Solace that required fancy wheel work. It's been such a secret for so long, how did the veil of silence come to be broken? Collins himself apparently revealed his day job to the owner of an art gallery in Bristol, England when asking for help producing a limited-edition print of The Stig plying his trade. The last time this happened, Perry McCarthy (aka "Black Stig") was quickly killed off, so don't be shocked if you see Collins in the unemployment line next week. [Telegraph]

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