Recession Continues, Obama Fills out Bracket

March 18, 2009

(Nothin but net... loss)

Fill out your bracket yet? No. C'mon, even President Obama filled out his. You're telling me your time is more valuable than el Presidente? Sucka, please. That guy's got bailouts on the brain, energy crises, and White House playgrounds to worry about.

Obama picked UNC to win it. Not a terrible choice, but conventional wisdom these days puts money on the red hot Cards. Then again, the choices this guy has made got him the seat as leader the free world, whereas I'm stuck here in this cube - which has a smell I can only describe as "questionable"- so maybe he knows something I don't.

Other than that, he pretty much played it safe with only a few surprises. Check out VCU over UCLA in Round 1, or Temple upsetting Arizona State (does this have anything to do with a republican senator from Arizona?).

p.s. I'm putting my money on Morehead State. I hear Samardo Samuels has the flu.

Source: Mark Wilson/Getty Images