Nissan Ditching Launch Control on 2010 GT-R

November 21, 2008

News comes to us today that Nissan has decided that the tranmission failure debacle on the 2009 GT-R has been solved, by way of simply getting rid of features. The Launch Control function, used by all journalists (and Nissan themselves) to declare 2009 GT-R one of the fastest accelorating cars on the road, (0-60 in 3.5 seconds) has been nixed, due to transmission failures reported by customers.

These customers were shocked to find out that this feature, provided in every new GT-R last year, actually VOIDED their warranty, and required them to shell out 20 GRAND to repair their brand new, broken transmission. We look forward to seeing the new performance numbers of next year's model.

My, how the mighty have fallen. [Source: Inside Line]