Andreas Spang Upset by Doug Marshall; See Spang with Dhani Jones on Playbook 360

February 15, 2013

Andreas Spang is a top ranked middleweight and was considered a favorite to reach the finals of Bellator MMA's Season Eight Middleweight Tournament. Unfortunately, he lost in one of last night's bigger upsets to experienced knockout artist and former WEC Light Heavyweight champion Doug Marshall.

Spang put up a valiant effort and withstood Marshall's onslaught in the hopes that his gas tank would run out. Unfortunately, Marshall only needed three minutes to land the right shot.

There is some controversy, however, over the stoppage. Marshall walked off as soon as he landed the shot and Spang went down hard. Referee Dan Miragliotta immediately stopped the fight, but it appeared to some that Spang was ready and able to get back up and continue.

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Miragliotta has been involved in some controversial stoppages of late, specifically that he's allowed fights to go on for too long. Some are suggesting that last night's stoppage might have been an attempt to overcompensate given the criticism he's received.

Regardless, congratulations go out to Doug Marshall, a legitimate threat at Middleweight who could very well come out of Season Eight as the tournament champion and next challenger for World Middleweight Champion Alexander Shlemenko .

What do you think? Was the stoppage justified or too early? Let us know in the comments below...

And check out this video from a recent episode of Playbook 360, where Andreas joined host Dhani Jones in his new home of Las Vegas to do some dune buggy driving and talk about his life, career, and goals in MMA.

Andreas Spang Hits The Dunes
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Source: Kari Hubert/Forza LLC/Contributor/Getty Images