College Receiver Learns Valuable Life Lesson - Stay the Hell Away From Deion Sanders

November 5, 2009

Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant discovered what the Washington Redskins, CBS Sports, and every high class stripper in the state of Texas has known for years. Do not go anywhere near Deion Sanders!

Earlier today, Bryant – the number one ranked receiving prospect in all of college football - lost his final appeal to play this season after the NCAA suspended him for talking to Sanders.

The NCAA, an organization often celebrated for their open-mindedness, claimed that Bryant lied about meeting with Sanders to discuss things like “how to succeed as a student athlete” and “what it will take to be a better football player” – something that the dozens of NCAA athletes charged with sex crimes would likely call “disgusting.”

Now, instead of enjoying his last year of college football or focusing on getting an education, Bryant will leave school and begin preparing to for the NFL draft.

Score another victory for the NCAA! Who needs a playoff system or fair rules, when student athletes get taught valuable lessons like “Playing in a mid-major conference does mean you’re a lesser person” and “Deion Sanders is the black hole of success.”

Source: Diamond Images/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images