Celtic Warrior vs Viking

January 21, 2011

(Sorry about this taking so long, I had writers block)

A Celt, The Irish Barbarians who fought against many fights a Viking, the European Beserkers who destroyed their enemies. It will be a fight to the death to see who is THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

The Celtic Barbarian assaults with:

Short Range: Celtic LongSword

Medium Range: Lancea Spear

Long Range: Sling

Special Weapon (varied range): Burda Club

Armor: Leather & Wooden Celtic Shield

Stragety: Brute Force


The European Beserker fights back with:

Short Range: Viking LongSword

Medium Range: Great Ax

Long Range: Throwing Spears

Special Weapon (varied range): Viking Shield

Armor: Chainmail & Wooden Viking Shield

Stragety: Brute Force

Celtic LongSword vs Viking LongSword EDGE: EVEN

Both of these swords are pretty similar in design and both show that they can get the job done so it's even.

Lancea vs Great Ax EDGE: Lancea

The Lancea is Faster, Deadlier and can be thrown and the Great Ax is very slow.

Sling vs Throwing Spears EDGE: Sling

The Sling is obiously less deadly than the Spears, but it is faster, reuseable and is not as unweildy.

Burda Club vs Viking Shield EDGE: Viking Shield

The Shield can protect, and it is about as good as the Burda Club.

Leather & Wooden Celtic Shield vs Chainmail & Wooden Viking Shield EDGE: EVEN

Both of these Shields will protect them, and their shields are each effective at protecting them.



Short Range: EVEN

Medium Range: Celt

Long Range: Celt

Special Weapon (varied range): Viking

Armor: EVEN

Stragety: SKIPPED


-Both Warriors are on foot

-Area: Small Forest with some hills


A Viking is walking along with his weapons trying to find some Game(Deer) to eat. He then looks up the Hill and sees the Celt. The Celt is walking around trying to find..."Volenteers" to have their skulls put on the hut of his home. The Celt un-Sheaths his LongSword and gives a fierce battle cry. The Celt now starts running towards the Viking as the Viking gets his Shield and his throwing Spears ready as the Celt sees this and puts his Longsword away and takes out his Sling.

The Viking yells as he throws one of his (2) Spears at the Celt, hitting him in the leg. The Celt gets back up and throws a rock from his Sling. The Rock hits the Viking, knocking off his Helmet. The Viking now throws his other Spear, but it barely misses. The Celt puts his Sling away and takes out his LongSword and the Viking takes out his LongSword. Each start clanging swords, each being countered by their armor until each jump back realizing they arent getting anywhere. The Celt takes out his Burda Club and puts away his wooden shield while the Viking puts his Helmet back on.

Both Warriors begin clanging swords again but the Viking swings the Shield at the Celt but he ducks and smashes the Vikings Knee with the Burda Club. The Viking attacks by slaming the Shield at the Celts Mouth, breaking his Jaw. The Viking charges after the Celt but he tries to swing the Burda Club but the Viking knocks it out of his hands with his shield. The Viking the starts swinging the sword at the Viking, but it gets stuck in his shield. The Viking then Stabs the Celt in the hip. The Celt runs away as he holds his hand on his wound, to prevent him from dying. The Viking chases the Celt but the Celt quickly takes out his Lancea. The Viking steps back and does a Spartan-Like defense stance. The Celt starts thrusting the Lancea. putting holes in his Shield. The Viking runs away, the Celt grabbing his Shield and running towards the Viking. The Viking puts his LongSword away and grabs his Great Ax at a nearby tree. The Celt finnaly catches up but the Viking swings the Shield at the Celt, having it go though his Shield (Axe>WOODEN SHIELD), just inches from killing him. The Celt thrusts the Lancea and it barely misses and the Viking knocks the Celt down. The Viking quickly takes his LongSword out and thrusts it though the Celts Neck. The Viking roars in victory. In fact, it was so loud; it scared away a nearby deer. (LoL fail)



The Vikings superior shield that could be used for offense and defense barely got him the win.



LongSword: 267 Kills

Great Axe: 139 Kills

Shield: 109 Kills

Throwing Spears: 23 Kills

The LongSwords ability to be combined with the Shield got an outstanding 267 Kills.

The Great Axe is Slow, but it's power easily overcame that as it got 139 Kills.

The Shields abilty with the Club ability got 109 Kills.

The Throwing Spears one-use and inaccuracy only got 23 Kills.



Lancea: 273 Kills

LongSword: 156 Kills

Burda Club: 32 Kills

Sling: 1 Kill

The Lancea's incredible length got 273 Kills, making the Deadliest weapon here.

The LongSword got 156 Kills, greatly being hindered by the Large Viking Shield

The Burda Club's Punyness got 32 Kills, most of the time getting killed by a Spear/LongSword/Great Axe.

The Sling got 1 lucky head shot.


UP NEXT: The Spartan, the fierce fighters known for their Valor at Thermopolyee goes toe-to-toe with a Roman Centurion, the Brutal Commanders who led Vicious Assaults.