Man Builds Working 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Replica

November 6, 2008

Pat Regan is 20,000 leagues of radness.  I’m not sure what the exact conversion is from leagues to measures of radness (I’m appropriating rad), but I bet he’s got a lot of rads because he built a 1/10 scale working replica of Capt. Nemo’s submarine, The Nautilus, from the Disney movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  He wasn’t done there.

Because he’s a sub-genius (another term I’m misusing on purpose), he went ahead and built a working replica of the dive suit and spear gun, which he calls a water rifle as well.  This dude is definitely going to slay some kraken.

Here are the pics of the restored helmet and water rifle.  The crazy part is that these are working replicas.  When Disney made the movie they were thinking, what would look totally rad? And, when Regan re-made what they gave him he was thinking, what will keep me from dying underwater?  Success!  Check out the rest of Regan's borderline craziness at his stupendously-named