Oakland Raiders Upgrade Roster by Signing a Pigeon to Play Special Teams

October 23, 2009

Al Davis has always been an unconventional guy. When most NFL owners were helping their fans by building talented football teams or ravaging public funds for pricey stadium renovations, Davis (who is actually the Hollywood body double of the Crypt Keeper) was busy compiling a collection of XFL quality talent and staving off Leprosy…until now!

In what most pundits are calling the single smartest move Davis has made since hoarding ammunition during the Civil War, Davis has decided to sign a pigeon off the street to start on the Raiders’ special teams – as seen in the video below.

After seeing the pigeon play one single down, Davis immediately signed it to a long-term deal and inquired about bringing in a giraffe with a learning disability to finally get some more intelligence at the quarterback position after JaMarcus Russell takes his leave of absence to teach a class on "complete incompetence" at the Ryan Leaf School of Failure.


Source: FOX