Smurfs Fans Eat Your Heart Out

September 1, 2009

Some of you grew up watching The Smurfs, and some of you remember the strange awesomeness of the cartoon. Well, Sony Pictures Animation has heard your demands for more Smurfness. Check out the full poster for the new Smurf movie after the jump.

There was something magical about those tiny blue people and their strange world, and in the '80s just about everyone under the age of twelve had a few Smurf toys in various corners of their room.

I was able to see an unfinished cut of the Smurfs trailer a few months back at Sony Pictures when they showed their slate of upcoming films to various journalists and marketers. The film is going to be a mix of CG and live action -- the Smurfs, obviously, will be animated.

What I saw didn't exactly wow me. It seems like fans would be more interested in a feature length cartoon, or at least an animated movie that took place completely within the world of the Smurfs. But the movie, for whatever reason, takes place in a contemporary human world. I shouldn't extrapolate too much from what I saw, as it was more of a short sketch/scene than an actual trailer, but...Sony has its work cut out for it.


Thanks to Sony Pictures Animation for the poster.