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The TUFest 10

by gdesanctis   November 12, 2008 at 3:35PM  |  Views: 159

This week, The Ultimate Fighter celebrates its 100th episode of The Ultimate Fighter, and what better way to commemorate the occasion than by going over some of our best memories from the earlier days of TUF? We all know that nothing is cheesier than a clip show, but here at Spike, we're all about pushing the envelop so we've attempted to make an even cheesier version. Hit the jump to get the Ten TUFest fights in and out of the cage. *Spoiler: number 1 is not Griffin vs Bonnar.

10) Marlon Sims vs. Noah Thomas
Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd and, nothing attracts a bigger crowd like two drunks fighting. This is a phenomenon that always amazes me. It never fails. A good old fashioned back yard brawl is always the biggest draw, unless maybe if there's some drunken girl-on-girl going on in the other room.

Even in a group of professional fighters -people that fight professionally- two drunks going at it is still better than pay-per-view.

It pretty much always plays out the same way, too. It starts with some jawing, then some yelling, then some shoving, then someone says "Hit me first," so the other person does. Now that the fight is actually underway, we see another sequence of events unfold. One person immediately takes control and the other person, upon realizing they've been embarrassed, tries to fight back their tears as they spout off excuses why they lost. At this point, the fight is usually broken up and the loser will run back in for one last shot. He'll repeat this until he feels that he's regained enough of his masculinity to be able to claim in a crazed rant later on that even though he lost, he'd still gotten in some good shots.

I'll never understand, but damn it, that's good TV.


9) Mikey Burnett vs. The Wall
Some scientist might tell you that man has evolved a great deal since our prehistoric roots when we walked amongst the animals. That we're no longer the savages we once were.

What do they know?

Mikey Burnett disproves this theory with smashing success as he reached a whole new level of douche in this scene. After Mikey was outclassed by all the human competition, and Donned in full goggle gear, he tried to test his skills against a wall.

Three times, Burnett ran full-speed into the wall and bounced right off like a piece of rubbery douche.

"I think I hit a stud and I kinda bounced back," he said. Well, at least we know there was one stud at the house.

I have to give this bout to the Wall via split decision.


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