Motorcycles Headed to Paradise

April 25, 2008


Electronic Arts recently announced that Burnout Paradise for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will be getting significant additions with an August update. The big news is that players will now be able to ride motorcycles for the first time in the series and that a night time setting will finally find its way into the game.

While several racing series have added bikes lately, Burnout’s free-roaming nature, emphasis on stunts, and gnarly crashes should make for some exhilarating gameplay. However, reading between the lines has us a bit worried that the carnage may be sanitized for the smaller vehicles. The game’s developer, Criterion, had this to say, “We wanted to clear the traffic out a little to give you the chance to learn how to ride in safety, and we've always wanted to cruise the streets of Paradise City with incredible night-time visuals.”

Does this mean that traffic will be completely absent during bike runs? Will motorcycles be impossible to wreck? Bone-crunching crashes have always been a hallmark of the series, but drivers were conspicuously absent. Riders are clearly present in the screenshot provided, so now Criterion has to choose. Will they show racers flying like rag dolls through the air or play it safe? We’ll find out when the update comes across Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network this summer.