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Scouting the New Blood

by Robbie E   January 02, 2014 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 4,919

What's up, bro? Back with another BroMan blog as I try to shake my New Year's hangover! And this week, I wanted to share my opinions on all the new additions to the IMPACT WRESTLING roster. It's almost 2014 and things are always changing around this place. Here is this BroMan's view on the fresh meat.

5 - Norv Fernum – This homeboy weighs like 80 pounds when he's got his boots on, and none of it is muscle! I don't think he's ever lifted a dumbell or even a protein bar. What's worse though is that he obviously hasn't washed his singlet in years and needs to clean himself up, bro, and get his narrow behind to a stylist. Definitely on the list of guys that have not gotten a girl and he needs to quit wrestling before that business gets contagious.

4 - Dewey Barnes - See Norv, bro, what else can you say about those geeks? Also he has lame red hamster hair.

3 - Curry Man - Although he has been in and out of IMPACT WRESTLING over the years he is still new to me, bro. I don't get it. He can't dance, he doesn't speak English, and I hate curry, bro! Makes no sense to me man! That guy needs to go! Only thing is, last time he was around, he borrowed five bucks off Daniels from Bad Influence and never paid him back. So he should stick around until they get that sorted out. Then he's gotta hit the bricks though. OH!

2 - Lei'D Tapa – That's a huge broad! But she is no joke. She gets the job done, bro. Helping my bro girl Gail Kim, she is a force to be reckoned with and I wouldn't mind her being the bodyguard of the BroMans!

1 - EC3 - Ethan Carter III definitely gets a thumbs up from the current tag champs, bro. Granted, we do sort of have to kiss his butt cause he is Dixie's nephew. Politics aside, that dude still has swag we like him, bro! 

Until next week. This is the bro man blog!!

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