George Roop vs. John Polakowski

November 19, 2008

Hit the jump for a complete play-by-play of the action from the lightweight bout between George Roop and John Polakowski.

Round 1:

Off the bell, they come out and give each other a sensual hug. No, seriously. Roop's hand doesn't seem to be bothering him much as both men let their hands go with little reservation. Roop appears to be a little more technical. Roop ducks under a lunging combination and scores a takedown with relative ease and lands in Polakowski's guard. Roop fires a few elbows. Roop passes on his first apparent attempt and lands some solid knees on good advice from his corner. Polakowski pulls guard again, but Roop continues to rain down elbows. For some reason, Polakowski gives up his back and Roop capitalizes. Polakowski reverses and ends up in Roop's guard.

Round 2:

They come out charging and this time it's Polakowski on the winning end of the exchanges. He seems to smell blood as Roop looks a little wobbly, but Roop recovers and shoots in for another takedown. Roop takes Polakowski's back a sinks in a body triangle but isn't able to do much with it other than hold him down. He lands an occasional elbow that scores and looks for the rear naked choke, but Polakowski has good defense. Good heart shown by both fighters. Good fight.

It looks like it might go to a third round, but the decision comes back a unanimous victory for Roop.