Top Shelf Tuesday - January 5

January 5, 2010

Tuesday is here, and you know what that means--it's time to start thinking about the latest hot releases. Luckily for you, we give you an exclusive pass to all things that truly kick ass.

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Darksiders is a title which takes the best elements of games like God of War and Diablo and puts a brand new sheen on the action/adventure genre. You take on the role of "War" - one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse - in an apocalypse that has come too soon. After being betrayed by the other Gods, you are exiled to roam the lands which you have destroyed, battling the demonic forces of hell on your quest for vindication and vengeance.

Get ready to dispatch the supernatural forces of Hell in glorious action-film style in Bayonetta. Armed with four enchanted guns, known as the "Scarborough Fair," Bayonetta combines over-the-top combat through the use of an arsenal that includes fantastical magic spells and insane weaponry - even your hair has the ability to take out enemies, serving as a magical conduit for unleashing destruction. Get ready for action-packed thrill ride which keeps the throttle buried from start to finish.



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In what turned out to be one of the more unusual romantic comedies of 2009, Adam stars Hugh Dancy as a young man who has Asperger's syndrome. Rose Byrne stars as Beth, a writer who moves into his building and is drawn to him. Think Rain Man meets Breakfast at Tiffany’s and you’ve got some idea of the kookiness of this movie. Some of the special features include a behind the scenes featurette, audio commentary, alternate scenes, and deleted scenes.

If you loved the book Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, you’ll probably love the movie. This computer animated film features the voices of Bill Hader and Anna Faris, so even if you’re not a kid you’ll have a lot to laugh about. And the extra features are nothing to turn your nose up, either. Extended scenes, commentary, and more will keep you in stitches until hamburgers rain from the sky. Well, maybe not for that long, but you get the point.



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VH1 Storytellers is the brand new live album by Mr. Kanye West and features intimate performances of some of his biggest hits. Fresh off the release of Kanye's #1 LP 808s & Heartbreak, West teamed up with VH1 for a special concert for the critically acclaimed Storytellers series. This DVD/CD has over 70 minutes of live performance footage and includes the hits like "Heartless," "Flashing Lights," "Touch the Sky," "Good Life," and "Stronger." The two-disc set also includes three never-before-seen performances, a special Q&A interview with Kanye, and a CD featuring the entire live performance. Get it!

Elvis 75 is a brand new greatest hits collection from the King of Rock 'n' Roll, released to coincide with what would have been his 75th birthday. Elvis 75 features 25 of the King's biggest hits including “Heartbreak Hotel,” “That's All Right,” “All Shook Up,” “Love Me Tender,” “Suspicious Minds,” “Burning Love,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and very many more.

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