Jennifer Aniston's Bikini Days

May 14, 2008


Jennifer Aniston spends an awful lot of time lounging in different bikinis. With her finances basically taken care of thanks to that TV show, she can afford to work on her tan a lot. For her, life is grand and seems to be one giant vacation.

She’s basically at the point where she wakes up at some exotic resort and all she has to worry about is which bikini to put on and then head to the pool. She’s like Elisha Cuthbert and a lot of celebrities who manage to never wear the same bikini twice. In honor of this impressive skill, we bring you the second in a series of Spike Bikini Polls, this one featuring the girl everyone wants to be “friends” with (ugh.) Jennifer Aniston:

Bikini #1


It looks like Jennifer likes to mix and match. here she is wearing two different halves of a bikini. I don't know much about fashion - but I likey like!

Bikini #2


Jennifer is pictured here on a boat. The look on the dudes face is priceless. I would look like this for days if I had been next to Jennifer Aniston on a boat out at sea. Or I proabably would have drowned.

Bikini #3


Jennifer looks pretty damn hot in this pink two piece. This bikini looks fragile, like it could fall apart at any second. That's what makes it so awesome. This is the bikini that made John Mayer go back for more.

This is a hard one. Jennifer Aniston wears so many great bikinis. We even had to leave some great ones out because there were just too many to pick from. (My job is soooo hard!!) Don't worry, we included them below.

Good luck making a decision. Now vote!