Heidi Montag Gets Dirty for Playboy, Spencer Pratt Still a Moron

August 7, 2009

Heidi Montag appeared at the premiere of G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra and brought along the issue of Playboy magazine with her on the cover. Boy oh boy, this girl is dirty!

Heidi Montag and husband Spencer Pratt pranced up and down the red carpet of the G.I. Joe premiere flaunting the September issue of Playboy magazine, which has Heidi on the cover. Heidi appears in a white bikini, covered in mud with the iconic Playboy bunny drawn on her stomach.

She says she “worked her butt off” for the shoot and was comfortable posing for the iconic magazine. She told MTV News, “I think God created the body. I think we're born naked. We die naked. I don't think it's something to be ashamed of. I think the body is a beautiful piece of artwork that God created. I have nothing to be ashamed of." Spencer was mighty proud of his wife, describing the photographs as “beautiful art, not like Picasso art, real beautiful art, you know what I’m saying?” Hmmm, not sure we do, Spencer.

The photos may be art, but you ain’t going to see Heidi in the buff. Unfortunately the magazine doesn’t contain any nudity of Ms. Montag. Heidi’s sister Holly recently confirmed to Us magazine that “She’s not nude” in the magazine. Not nude in Playboy? What’s the point?

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Source: Jordan Strauss/WireImage/Getty Images