Cars Will Have Virtual Reality Displays, Because You Don't Have Enough Distractions Behind the Wheel

August 4, 2011

A lot of us feel cheated that the cars of the 21st century look, feel, and drive a lot like the cars of the 20th century (if you don't count the part of the last century where cars were technically horses). One group is working to correct that.

The folks behind the Aeon Project are developing fully immersive touchscreen and virtual technology that drivers will be able to use for just about anything. Hopefully that will include the ability to make your car fly, so I can stop whining about it.

The technology is designed for fully autonomous cars because having the ability to surf the web on your windshield in a manually operational car would ensure the demise of the human race once and for all. The initial design can switch between automatic and manual driving based on the features that are being used such as applied mapping GPS and interactive sightseeing based on the car's surroundings. That's cool and all, but what about the cup holders?

Source: Michael Harboun/Aeon Project