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See Robbie E Live!

by Robbie E   July 18, 2012 at 11:53AM  |  Views: 1,998

What up, my dudes? This week in the #broblog I wanna tell ya the reason why going to check out an IMPACT WRESTLING live event when we're in your area is a must! People are always asking me why IMPACT WRESTLING live is like no other. Well, here's why, broseph!

5 - Fan Friendly Experience - At IMPACT WRESTLING we wanna give back to our fans, bro. We wanna hear feedback from them. Even Bigger Rob likes meeting his fans and hearing what they have to say about our latest sweaters. When you come see us you have opportunities to meet and greet us before, during and after the show with certain packages. That's once in a lifetime stuff there, dog!

4 - The Knockouts - Seeing the hottest women in wrestling (minus a few certain gerbils) up close and personal is like no other. It's a dudes dream, man. Plus, you get to meet and take a pic with them, which means you get to smell them and… ok, I'll stop there bro.

3 - Freedom - Here at IMPACT WRESTLING you have the freedom to cheer for and boo who you would like. So go crazy and make signs for your favorites and tell off the ones ya hate. It's a good way to relieve stress, homie. Just watch what you say to me and Bigger Rob.

2 - Action Packed Matches - TV or not, every wrestler on the greatest professional wrestling roster in the world gives 112 percent each and every night no matter where we are or the size of the crowd. When you come see us you will be on the edge of your seat during the whole experience.

1 - Me - You get to see how jacked, tan, and good looking I am live!

Until next week...OH....YOU AINT ON THE LIST BRO….


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