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Blood on the Sand: Navy Seal vs. Israeli Commando

by spike.com   July 26, 2010 at 1:56PM  |  Views: 3,115

From Early Sushine (Yeah, that's me working hard)...


To Stone Cold Pimp...



Here's how the day went...

1) First up - Physical training test (equivalent to SEAL qualifications distances).

2) Followed by...

a. Various calisthenics, push-ups, sit-ups and squats.

b. Repeat and randomize an unknown number of times.

3) Followed by...

a. Running intervals in the sands of Coronado Beach.

b. Shore running in/out of water.

c.  Be the first two to finish the race earning your place to advance to the next "hurt" station, otherwise you continue to run and race.

4) Followed by...

a. Bear crawl back and forth about a 50-meter sand trail.

b. Repeat never knowing when it will change or end.

5) Followed by log training 

a.  As a team, curl, shoulder press, squat with and carry the log.

b.  Repeat, never knowing when it will change or end.

6) Followed by Zodiac boat training

a. As a team, assemble boat, carry out dry land competition, and carry out wet land competition.

b. Repeat, never knowing when it will change or end.

7) The End

a. It comes unexpectedly and you feel like you're glad it's over but if one of the Cadre's suddenly yelled out another task there would be no hesitation. You would simply "evaluate, plan, and execute" the task as fast as possible with the team at your disposal. No questions asked.

8) What did I learn?

a. In combat you never know how long a firefight will last so you have to be physically prepared for high work output but psychologically never knowing when it might end. To me, that was probably the hardest part of the whole exercise.

b. In combat, you never know exactly who may end up on your team. So, you need to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your team and use it to your benefit on every task... or you will fail. Funny, we performed better as a team the more fatigued everyone got (i.e. ego went out the window).

c. In combat you will be exhausted physically and yet the job requires that you engage mentally. So the ability to perform mentally while being physically exhausted was emphasized. The idea is that you no longer think about the end of the battle, you simply focus on the immediate task at hand. For example, we were all exhausted, but when the Cadre asked us to paddle out past the break, get out of the boat and dump in the ocean, get back in the boat and paddle back... that's just what we did but your mind forgot about what would come after... the focus was in the boat at the moment, with the team to complete the task. Once the task ended you reveled in the rest but you were ready for the next command. The system ensures everyone undergoes this "enlightenment" by having the PT test at the beginning... everyone empties their tank despite their fitness level. Trust me every one was tanked by about two hours in. After that the learning began.

That's it for Blood on the Sand this Season. Be sure to check out tonight's episode, and as usual Max (@MaxGeiger), the Doc (@DrDorian) and I (@GeoffDesmoulin) are around on twitter.