Leaked Footage Shows off Multiplayer Mercenaries Sequel?

November 24, 2009

Despite the fact that Mercenaries developer Pandemic closed its doors this week, those on staff who were retained by parent company Electronic Arts appear to be hard at work creating a multiplayer-focused sequel to that game. This "leaked" footage shows off a veritable buffet of third-person gun battles and vehicular combat awesomeness. Death Race-style muscle cars, anyone?

This Mercs Inc. footage, unearthed by the sleuths at Bitmob, seems to indicate that the sequel would be a "multiplayer sandbox"-style shooter in tradition of the Halo series. The sequel apparently hasn't been given the go-ahead by EA as of yet, but from the looks of this clip, it would be unwise for them to hesitate on this one.


Source: Joystiq/Vimeo