California Ups the State Fair Food Wars Ante with the Deep Fried Maggot Sandwich

July 12, 2011

The State Fair has long become a battleground between neighboring factions of deep fried food wars, a combat of cholesterol increasing carnage, a bitter battle for buttery and battered brawniness. This may just be the artery-clogging shot heard 'round the world.

This year's California State Fair will feature a midway full of deep fried goodies from the usual treats like deep fried Twinkies and Oreos to stuff more off the beaten path. One, however, defies any attempt of categorization: the Maggot Melt, a sandwich consisting of melted cheese and (you guessed it) crunchy dried maggots. Something like this could only be served in California, a state that has more medical marijuana dispensaries per square mile than common sense.

The funniest part is it's not the only weird item on the State Fair's menu that's too weird, even for the likes of a state fair. Attendees can also bite into a heaping handful of deep-fried scorpions and even "raccoon on a stick." If you're wondering what grilled raccoon tastes like, 11-year-old foodie Remy Mumby, star of, has a review of it on his YouTube channel…and it definitely does not taste like chicken.

Photo: Altrendo Travel/Getty Images/YouTube