Lady Gaga's Weird, Arty, Topless Photo Spread

September 10, 2009

Pop star Lady Gaga has gotten her freak on, posing topless in bondage gear for some bizarre, arty shots for Vogue Japan.

Lady Gaga appears in the latest issue of the Japanese edition of Vogue magazine. The photos were taken by famed photographer Nobuyoshi Araki and show the singer in a variety of explicit photos. It would seem this lady likes to get kinky with rope as she appears in the majority of the photos bound and exposed.

In her short career Lady Gaga has developed a unique style and wardrobe to grab attention and keep in the spotlight. Now it seems she must resort to more explicit ways to keep herself in the headlines. It will be interesting to see what she comes up with next.

What do you think? Are the photos sexy or just a cry for attention?


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Source: Egotastic