Review of Mortal Kombat vs DC Fatalities

June 17, 2009

When I saw the commercial on television of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe I was immediately interested in the game and decided to download it to my PS3. The combination of the very popular mortal kombat characters vs the superheroes seemed like a very attractive game. The graphics looked real cool and watching Superman beam his heat vision on one of the Mortal Kombat characters seemed like a lot of fun. The only question about the game that really concerned me was the Mortal Kombat vs DC fatalities. I was wondering how the developers of the game would allow Superman to be killed. He was really my primary focus but the other fatalities are quite interesting too. Here is a recap of the more interesting fatalities:

Batmans fatalities are quite interesting and rate very high to me. On one of his fatalities he throws his batarang at his defeated enemy and bats come from everywhere to devour his opponent. That was a pretty good fatality.

I do not know why Captain Marvel was selected to be a superhero in this game. I do not think many young kids know much about him. It is hard for me to remember a lot about Captain Marvel myself. I was not very interested in him.

The addition of Catwoman to the superhero team is another question mark to me. I do not see her importance nor superb strengths compared to the other heroes. In the game her strengths really are not that strong. Her fatality is not interesting. The developers of the game could have made Catwoman more interesting or better yet left her out of the game totally.

The Flash was another superhero character that I was concerned about. I could not conceive personally how his fatality would be. When I saw his fatality in the game I was not really disappointed or happy. It was just ok to me. I think the best thing about his character is his speed and the graphics were real cool as he utilized his speed.

The Green Lanterns fatalities were not real impressive either. The large hammers coming down to crush his opponent and his second fatality of squishing his opponent really did not utilize the graphical ability of the game to really expose the power in his ring. I felt more could have been added to his fatality.

With the addition of the Joker in this game, I was real curious to see how they would allow him to destroy his enemy. His fatalities consisted of a gun shot and joker cards. Those two fatalities though not real dramatic were very ideal for the Joker. His silly dramatic behavior after doing his fatalities really made it fun.

Wonder Womans fatality was ok as well. She was not real impressive but I did not really expect the developers of the game to put a lot of pizzazz into her.

The main superhero character that I was interested in was Superman. His fatalities consisted of freezing his opponent with his breath then smashing them. His second fatality was stomping his opponent into the ground with his fists. I really was not impressed with his fatalities either. I was hoping the developers of the game would have utilized his super human strength more and indestructible nature. He was reduced to a mere man in this game. It was not interesting to me. When someone thinks of a Mortal Kombat vs DC fatalities list, you would automatically think Superman would be totally outstanding compared to the rest. I would have like to see something dramatic from him like he throws his opponent from the video game into another world somewhere far away.

The other superhero characters need a remake as well. They are superheroes and compared to Mortal Kombat characters they still excel. The Mortal Kombat vs DC fatalities could have been more dramatic.

Mortal Kombat vs DC Fatalities