Scientists Finally Map the Female Sexual Mind But Still Can't Get a Date

September 13, 2011

Women have been one of life's greatest mysteries. How do they think? Why do they have such deep emotional feelings? What would they look like naked, any of them?

Now science has helped move mankind one step closer to finally achieving what men have sought for centuries: the elusive female orgasm. Researchers at Rutgers put together the first full map of the female's sexual mind and published their groundbreaking findings in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the world's only sex magazine that you actually buy for the articles.

The researchers were able to locate these special brain regions by stimulating each of the female erogenous zone and seeing which part of the brain responded to it with "functional magnetic resonance imaging". The scientists examined the brain regions of 11 "healthy women ages 23-56" to map out the regions. They found that the same brain regions that respond to genital stimulation in women is the same region for men as well. It's always the last place you look for it.

Photo: Jamie Grill/Iconica/Getty Images

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