Mantenna - Tuesday, October 28

October 28, 2008

Today in Mantenna we bring you everything you need and some things you don't but will be happy you have anyway. There's a little girl that starts fires with her mind, mega-rich car companies, a mega-rich super hero, a mega-rich software company, and Steven Tyler, too!  Hit the jump for today's Mantenna.

Disaster Girl Wreaks Havoc


The creepiest picture ever taken of an otherwise-cute little girl is making the rounds on the intertubz.  Go to buzzfeed to download the .png with a clear background and make your own, twisted, dark, hilarious version of disaster girl for free.  [Buzzfeed]

You're Relationship is Ending Exactly...


It is official; the honeymoon period of a relationship lasts exactly two years, six months and 25 days. After that, the average married couple begin to take each other and their relationship for granted and then it’s pretty much all down hill. The findings were a part of a poll of 5000 people who had been married for 10 years or more. It showed that by the third year of marriage 83% of couples couldn’t even be bothered to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The poll also shows that couples cuddle less, hold hands more infrequently care less about their personal appearance when home and think nothing of leaving the toilet seat up after using the restroom. Note to self: Get divorced after two years, six months and 25 days. [Daily Mail]

Playboy's Presidential Sex Quiz


Playboy is celebrating the impending presidential election with a special Presidential Sex Quiz. Some of the questions include “What nickname did LBJ have for his presidential privates, Which U.S. president was photographed in a bathtub receiving oral sex from a partner who was not his wife and which president said “Are you prepared for the storm of lovemaking with which you will be assailed”. If you think you know the answers or just want to get a little more intimate with a former head of the state, then be sure to check out the rest of the quiz. [Playboy]

VW Shares Hit $1250, Now Officially the Most Valuable Company in the World


Infighting with new owner Porsche has led many to fret over Volkswagen's future, but company officials insist the struggles are being blown out of proportion, just today releasing a statement of cooperation that appears to have put the fighting to an end. Whatever the case, the stock markets are confident the company will succeed - VW's stock briefly touched €1,005 ($1,261) yesterday, making the company the most valuable in the world at roughly €295 billion, or $369 billion, temporarily exceeding Exxon-Mobil's $343 billion market capitalization. [Motor Authority]

Man Hammers Nail into Own Head


A man in Romania nailed a big, steely nail into his skull (like ya do) to impress his friends.  Let that settle into your skull. Radu Popescu decided to impress his friends by driving a six centimeter nail directly into his forehead.  Slacking on their fact-finding, though, they fail to report whether said friends were, indeed, impressed. [Sun UK]

Google Settles Suit from all the Authors in the World


Well, maybe not all of them.  But a lot of them were.  The Author’s Guild sued the internet mega-robot-despot, Google, for "engaging in massive copyright infringement” by making some books and the copyrighted material therein searchable through their search engine.  They settled at an astonishing-to-us but dismissible-to-Google $125 million.  This means many more works (and more of them) will be searchable. However, for the full service you’ll have to either be at a university library or pay a subscription fee. [Time]

Iron Man Will Be Member of Avengers


It’s official that Marvel is going to include Iron Man in the The Avengers movie, and that Jon Favreau (director of Iron Man) will not direct, but he is going to executive produce. The team of superheroes will be Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and others. Looks like fanboys are going to get to eat their cake and have it too – The Avengers is finally a reality! [First Showing]

Clooney Gets Ready to Fly

George Clooney has expressed interest in starring as Mitch Bremner in a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Alongside him would be Naomi Watts in the role played by Tippi Hedren. Whether or not a remake of this movie is a good idea is not so clear. It’s hard to improve upon the masters. [The Movie Blog

Steve Tyler To Join Led Zeppelin?


Not sure if I totally believe this, but it’s been reported that Led Zeppelin has been jamming with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. Wow.

The word on the street has been that Page, Jones and Jason are trying to line-up a megastar replacement for singer Robert Plant.

Fans of Zep have speculated that there would be a world tour since they reunited for a one-off show last December.

Robert Plant has frequently denied that the band will be hitting the road for a slew of gigs, but rumors of the other three members rehearsing together have been tearin’ up the internets. [BBC]

John Oates Rocks The World Series

Daryl Hall was scheduled to perform the national anthem prior to Game 5 of the World Series in his hometown of Philadelphia last evening, but after he came down with the flu, he turned to his longtime homie and bandmate John Oates for a little help. Needless to say, J-Oates rocked that sh*t. [Watch It]


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