Ton and Allen Hit the Road

March 3, 2011
Gas up the truck and strap on that seat belt because Auction Hunters is hitting the road! Kicking off its second season with back-to-back episodes starting Tuesday, April 5 at 10PM/9C, the hit Spike TV original series will have the hunters, Allen Haff and Ton Jones, traveling from Miami across the country seeing what all of America has to offer in the lucrative, but cutthroat world of storage-unit auctions.

Every year in America, 50,000 storage facilities hold auctions for abandoned units and it's at these auctions that over $1 billion worth of goods change hands. Each unit has the potential to be a goldmine -- or a complete bust -- for those who make their living hunting unclaimed property. Last season, Jones and Haff brought their unique and combined antique and collector knowledge to the table and picked up a vintage truck, an antique jukebox and even valuable moonshine in the process of staking out Southern California's storage auctions. This season on Auction Hunters however, Jones and Haff, will be out of their element and exploring unfamiliar territory as they cross the United States.

As with all storage auctions, the Hunters are only allowed a brief glimpse inside each storage unit before the fast-paced auction begins. Skill and strategy are paramount as Haff and Jones have only seconds to estimate the value and determine how high they are willing to bid to beat out their competition (or if they even want to hazard a bid). Each of the 20 new episodes this season will feature these auctions as well as the "dig," a process by which our hunters literally dig into the contents of the unit and assess every item within, and the "sell" where the Hunters consult experts, establish value and negotiate a sale with collectors and dealers on the items they find.

Be sure to tune in Tuesday, April 5 at 10PM/9C to see what Ton and Allen uncover this season and don't forget to connect with Auction Hunters at and Facebook for all the latest updates, previews and full episodes and check out this sneak peek at season two.


Auction Hunters Returns!