The Home-Field Advantage

September 1, 2012
There's nothing like being back in your hometown, and so this week the Auction Hunters stepped into Antelope Valley, CA, where Ton grew up. This patch of desert may be far from Los Angeles (73 miles northeast to be exact), but that doesn't' mean it isn't filled with valuable antiques and collectibles. How did our heroes fair while in the outskirts of city life? Let's find out:


Sold For: $3,000

This is where the story gets a little different: instead of selling the finds in this unit to a buyer, they traded them with a local. Ton and Allen talked to a fellow named Carlos, and traded half of the foam core material in their unit for dog bite-training suits, err, K-9 suits. Allen knew this Kevlar-studded gear was worth a boatload of dough, he just knew it. Sage, a K-9 trainer who runs one of the top dog academies in Southern California, just so happened to agree. Here was the catch though: Sage was willing to pay $2,300 for the K-9 training suits, but would offer $3,000 only if Allen were to give a little "demonstration." Sure, maybe he was a tad bit scared at first, but eventually Mr. Haff came around, got suited up, and let a German Shepherd go crazy on him for a few minutes. No pain, go gain, fellas!

It was all about the wild animals this week, and the Antelope Valley proved that. The boys spent $580 on two fine-lookin' storage units, went hunting for some buyers and sold their items for $7,150. Eventually, they netted a sweet profit of $6,570. Gotta love that home-field advantage.
Would you let give a K-9 suit a try? Well, Allen sure did, and the results were just jaw-dropping. Watch this week's episode, "Allen's Ruff Day" and see how it all goes down. For all the latest news and updates, check out the Auction Hunters Facebook page and tune-in to all-new episodes of Auction Hunters airing Wednesdays at 10/9c on SPIKE.