Mantenna - Tuesday, December 8

December 8, 2009

David Hasselhoff's Thanksgiving 911 call gets released, DC shakes up Batman and Superman, and Lenny Kravitz says he won’t be replacing Steven Tyler in Aerosmith...alright, Mr. Mantenna, I'm ready for my close-up!

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Impaired David Hasselhoff Thanksgiving 911 Call Released

David Hasselhoff suffered a health scare over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, collapsing at his Los Angeles home.  His 17-year-old daughter called 911 and that panic-filled conversation has just hit the web. In the call Hasselhoff’s daughter Hayley is heard saying, “My dad just ... he's collapsed. He's standing up but he keeps falling back down ... But then he got back up and he's fine. It's kind of scaring me.” A hysterical Hayley breaks down and unidentified male takes over talking to the 911 dispatcher.  Hasselhoff was taken to the hospital and shortly released. A rep for Hasselhoff, who has struggled with alcoholism and has been hospitalized four times in the last two years for alcohol-related illnesses, said the America’s Got Talent judge is doing fine. [People]

Britney’s Road to Freedom

Britney Spears is one step closer to freedom now that her team of lawyers has begun the process of terminating her conservatorship. Her father, Jamie Spears, has long said he wanted to wait until after Britney finished her world tour to begin proceedings. Now that she has, her people are moving forward. According to TMZ, Jamie is fearful of Sam Lutfi re-entering Spears’ life. The decision is now in the hands of a court appointed psychiatrist who will evaluate Britney’s progress and report back to the court. [TMZ]

25 Sexy Celebrities Wearing Santa Outfits

For our money, there's no better way to celebrate the arrival of Christmas than taking a gander at sexy women wearing Santa Claus outfits. Luckily, the good folks at Manofest have rounded up the best of the best of celebrities donning St. Nick's costume, so head on over there with a cup of egg nog for some good ho-ho-ho action. [Manofest]

DC Shakes Batman and Superman Up

DC is going to publish a series of graphic novels that completely “reboot” the continuity of the Batman and Superman stories. Geoff Johns is going to write the Batman graphic novel and J. Michael Straczynski is writing the Superman graphic novel. This has obvious implications for the Batman and Superman movies, though in the case of Batman it seems as if the present movies helmed by Christopher Nolan would influence the storyline of the graphic novel more than the other way around. Straczynski has this to say about the reboot, “If he keeps his background secret, as he’s done for the preceding 21 years, he can be the best athlete the world has ever known, he could be the next Stephen Hawking…By contrast, if he chooses to become Superman, then Clark must live forever in the shadows, dedicated to a life of service and self-sacrifice that could eventually get him killed.” These are high stakes, people. [/Film]

An Education’s Director Gets a New Gig

Lone Scherfig, the Danish director who put the highly touted An Education on the screen, has her next English speaking film lined up: One Day. The story is about a guy and a girl who graduate in 1988, then proceed to bump into each other once a year for twenty years, until they come to the realization that they were destined for each other. Sounds a little sappy, but if nothing else it’ll make for a good date movie. And in Scherfig’s hand, who knows, maybe we’ll get a rom-com masterpiece. [First Showing]

Lenny Kravitz Says He Won’t Replace Steven Tyler in Aerosmith


Source: Denise Truscello/Getty Images

Even though he seemed to be up for the job, Lenny Kravitz has be crossed off the list of potential singers to fill in for Steven Tyler as he takes his two-year hiatus from Aerosmith. Lenny took to his Twitter yesterday to address rumors that he might be joining the Boston badboys, saying his friendship with Tyler prevents him from accepting the role. “As much as I am flattered that Aerosmith’s camp would consider me to front the band, Steven Tyler is a family friend, and no voice could ever take the place of his.” This is the best news I've heard all day. [Twitter]

Danica Patrick Unveils Adorable New Car

The most recognizable racecar driver on the planet (or at least in a GoDaddy commercial) recently made her mildly anticipated foray into the exciting world of NASCAR by unveiling her Number 7 car with J.R. Motorsports (a nationwide series team owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Richard Hendrick). It's still unclear as to how many races she'll participate in or when she'll begin her NASCAR journey. All we know is that she is now one of the 10 prettiest people in the sport and a real threat for 14th place as soon as she suits up. [Yahoo]

Google CEO Says Privacy Worries are Only for Bad People

In a surprising statement to CNBC, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told reporter Maria Bartiromo, "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place." This will only fuel concerns about Google's behavior as it becomes an ever more powerful gatekeeper of information, though Google says it is aware of these concerns and has taken steps to be transparent to users about the information that is stored. [The Register]

Wienermobile Pulled Over, Deemed “Un-American" To Ticket

This weekend, cops in Pennsylvania spotted the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile with a busted taillight. Shockingly, they decided not to ticket the super sized hot dogger. The reason? Local police sources told TMZ, "It's un-American to ticket the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile." Land of the free, home of the shotguns, apple pie, pickup trucks, and humongous meat. [TMZ]

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