Get High in the Tarnag Air Recreation Vehicle

February 23, 2009

This two-seater personal flight vehicle from the company Air Creation is a little expensive, but do you really want to buy bargain when you’re talking about the device that’s going to keep you from plummeting a thousand feet to your death?  Ask Daedalus about that. 

Air Creations air recreational vehicles (henceforth A.R.V.s) come in three flavors, and the newest one, the Tanarg, is a two-seater.  They come with a ROTAX 582 engine and a 4-bladed High Tech ARPLAST propeller.  They have interchangeable wings and wheels (including skis for snows and pontoons for water).  All of this starting at just $50,000. 

That’s pretty cool, but the real reason to get an A.R.V. is so that you can join an A.R.V. gang!  They actually exist.  Probably the best one is the Sky Gypsies who fund their airy wanderings through a combination of strong-arm sky robberies and selling coffee


Source: Air Creation