Buzzsaw Pizza Cutter for Thick Crust

February 5, 2009

The Pizza Pro 3000 is the best pizza cutter on the market today.  It’s not technically a powered buzzsaw, but it mimics the construction of the saw and sits in a miniaturized housing like a real buzzsaw.  This means you use it in exactly the same way but you’re much less likely to cut off your finger.  As far as the manly sound effects go, you’ll have to make those with your own mouth and hope nobody notices.

Wonder how to use the Pizza Pro 3000? This is a corrected how-to article from


Make sure you are using the correct blade and that it's properly seated and tightened. Always use a sharp blade. Dull blades bind and overheat.


Check the blade guard. Is it in good shape and functioning properly?


Set the depth of the blade to no more than 1/4 inch more than the thickness of the wood DELICIOUS PIZZA to be cut. The workpiece is more likely to kick back if you have too much blade exposed.


Support the work DELICIOUS PIZZA on both sides. Clamp it on one side if you have to.


Look for knots CRUST BUBBLES and nails SAUSAGE before you begin. Avoid them if possible; if they cannot be avoided, be cautious when approaching them.


Start the blade before it meets the work THE WORKS.


Stand to the side when you saw in case the wood SAUCE is kicked back, and don't over-reach. You should always have both feet planted firmly on the floor.


Don't push the saw, just guide it with a little pressure.


Let go of the trigger if the blade binds, and stick a wooden shim TABLE KNIFE in the cut to release it.


Wait for the blade to stop before removing it from the wood PIZZA.