The Gaems Inc. G155 Makes Your XBox Portable, Your Spell Check Cry

January 12, 2012

There's only one downside to console gaming, and that's the fact that it's not designed to be with you all the time. If you consider yourself a full-time gamer, this is serves as quite the conundrum. Fortunately, Gaems Inc. has a solution to this problem with the G155 portable console rig, introduced this week at CES.

Here's a breakdown: First, they've designed the case is to nestle your system in a soft, pillowy arrangement, protecting it from the dings and dents it could suffer from a life on the road. Second, the screen is a nice, reasonably big LED-LCD screen that lets you play no matter where you are. Finally, there are dual audio jacks, so you're not ennerving everyone on the airplane with the artillery sounds of MW3.

The two drawbacks? First, "Gaems" is really going to throw off Google predictive text. Secondly, portability costs: expect to pay $500 for a system complete with XBox 360, or between $270 and $300 for just the case that you put your own system into.

On the other hand, being able to log into Live from your hotel room and frag your friends as though you were sitting on their couch is worth it. Especially if you tell them you're going on a work trip and they think they can claim your top spot on the leaderboards.