The Dreams of Game Developers

December 2, 2008

The MTV gaming blog guys, Stephen and Patrick went around a little before Thanksgiving and asked some of the most prominent figures in the gaming community what they dreamed about.  Hit the jump for some weird, wild stuff. 

Emile Morel, game designer at Eden Games for Atari’s “Alone In The Dark

“But one time, this dream got weirder, I found myself literally inside the test arena, just as if I was inside the game, only it all seemed very real! I was surrounded by all the monsters of the game, but they were all very nice to me, I was the mean one. I was like the mean coach of a sport team, always yelling at the monsters because they were not doing what I was asking them to do, ‘You guys don’t get it, this is not the way you should react when you hear a noise, that doesn’t work,’ or things like that. And the monsters were very nice, doing their best to try to please me, but every time they were just doing the exact opposite of what I was asking them to do.”

The early-90’s gaming dreams of Chris Kramer, current public relations manager at Capcom, U.S.A.

“I played a lot of the original ‘Warcraft.’ It got to the point where I would have these dreams where my town was being attacked and my peons were being slaughtered, but I was unable to control my units. Very stressful! I’d actually wake up from these dreams talking out loud, which would either wake me up or (more importantly) the very, very patient woman who is now my wife. After the third or fourth time this happened, there were some rules made in the house about length of time spent playing ‘WC’ and what time it had to be shut off.” 

The gaming dreams of Tom Farrer, producer of EA’s “Mirror’s Edge

“I’m going to regret this, aren’t I? I did have one dream where I woke up and was heading out to work — I hadn’t left the apartment — and I was dressed as ['Mirror's Edge' heroine] Faith. I think that’s the weirdest one that I have. I remember on ‘Battlefield‘ dreaming that I was in one of the maps and under fire from snipers — which is probably where the project was at at the time.”