Bleacher Creatures

June 17, 2009

I'm a Yankee fan and I have been reading and researching everything about the New York Yankees ever since. I have often wondered what the "bleacher creatures" are when I heard this.

They are the most loyal fans in baseball team. They are a group of loyal fans of the Yankee team who will stop at nothing to cheer and to shout for their favorite team. Used to be found at Section 39 and oftentimes 37 of the old Yankee Stadium, now they are moved to Section 203 of the 2009 Stadium.

The bleacher creatures are really tough on the opposing fans. In fact, they are the feared and respected group at the same time by other baseball fans. Other opposing supporters also look at them in an esteemed sort of way for they are the Yankee Player’s most loved individuals.

Their group started in the 80’s and the 90’s when everything was turning against the New York Yankees and the only thing that remained around that time were this highly esteemed group. The provide the team cheers and moral support. The forefather of the “creatures” is Ali Ramirez. What he does is ring a cowbell to catch supporters attention and make sure they keep on cheering for the Yankees. He died in May 1996, passing on a great legacy for the loyal group that still lives on until now.

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