July 11, 2009

I am working consistently to pull this 10-song CD with Kymberly together. The CD will be called GOD GIVEN TALENT. All 10 tracks are being recorded at Direct Image Studio in Nashville.

So far, Kymberly and I have 5 songs. We have vocal sessions booked for July 16 & August 6. We will let Kenny Royster do the master. From there, we can duplicate at We Make Tapes. We will see about a picture, printing, graphics and jewel cases. We want to stay simple, keep the cost down, and still produce a quality CD.

I am talking with J.K. Coltrain of Colt Records. I told him we will meet him at the Limelight in Nashville to discuss the possibility of Kymberly signing with Colt. If she signs, there will be a first single sent to 600 radio stations around the world. A second single will follow. Then, the album. We will send 5 copies to CD Baby and let them distribute to online music stores like itunes, Rhapsody, Napster and Amazon. We will sell digital downloads. If Kymberly signs with Colt, she will do shows with the label and sell hard copies. Presently I have the publishing on all 10 songs at Michael Colyer Songs ASCAP. We will set up an account at SunTrust Bank under this name for money paid to us by CD Baby. I will keep recording with Kymberly as I feel strongly about her voice and her style. At some point we will start laying new tracks at Direct Image for a second CD. There is enough work to take us into the next decade....Jim Colyer