Mantenna - Wednesday, May 20

May 20, 2009

The voice of Mickey Mouse passes away, the 100 sexiest video game babes of all time, and why geeks are the best in's the Mantenna!

Source: WWTDD

Kelly Brook Has a Gift

Kelly Brook deserves to be famous because she has truly amazing, absolutely spectacular natural breasts. The busty British babe is best known for dating actor Billy Zane and doing a bit of acting and some modeling. This week she’s in the Caribbean, lying in the sun and showing off her killer body. Life is tough when you’ve been graced with such amazing assets. [WWTDD]

The 100 Sexiest Video Game Babes of All Time

Fans of impossibly proportioned pixel chicks, rejoice! We all know the reason video game babes are so hot is because they're created by some of the most skilled and sexually repressed nerds that planet Earth has to offer. Since the most action these guys have seen involves the underwear section of the Sears catalog and a half bottle of hand lotion, they've chosen to create a legion of digital super babes to live out the wildest dreams of their (and your) imaginations. Here are 100 of their finest accomplishments. [Manofest]

Geeks are Best in Bed

A British study has revealed that those who work in the tech industry are the least selfish lovers and more open to using sex toys. The survey of 2,084 men and women in relationships found that so called “geeks” were more open and willing about pleasing their partner in bed, with four out of five geeks saying they thought “sex should be more about the partner.” Those in the fitness industry were more likely to be the most selfish in the sack. [Source Wire]

The Voice of Mickey Mouse Passes Away

Wayne Allwine, best known as the voice of Mickey Mouse since 1977, passed away on Sunday night due to complications from diabetes at age 62. Allwine’s first appearance as Mickey was voicing the animated lead-ins for The New Mickey Mouse Club in 1977, and he had provided the voice for Mickey Mouse ever since. Coincidentally, he was married to Russi Taylor, the current voice of Minnie Mouse. [Hollywood Reporter]

Eminem Headed For Fifth Straight No. 1 Debut

Four and a half years after he released his last studio album, Eminem is headed for his fifth straight No. 1 debut next week on the Billboard 200. The artist's Relapse (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope) could sell as many as 650,000 copies in its first week, based on projections from industry prognosticators. If it manages more than 600,000, it would easily mark the biggest sales week of the year for any album. [Billboard]

Man Charged With Dolla's Murder

According to a statement released by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office, an Atlanta man has been charged on Wednesday in connection with the murder of rapper Dolla. Aubrey Louise Berry was set to be arraigned in court later Wednesday, where he will answer to two counts of assault with a firearm and one count of murder. Berry, 23, allegedly encountered Dolla (Roderick Burton) in the Beverly Center in Los Angeles and, after a dispute, fatally shot the rapper. In addition to shooting Burton, 21, Berry's charges stem from allegedly firing at two other people who were present at the time of the altercation. [MTV]

GPS Satellite Systems on Brink of Failure

According to a report in The Guardian, the U.S. Global Positioning System is in such a state of disrepair, it's in danger of rolling blackouts or failure as early as 2010. Considering the level to which GPS has been integrated into strategic military operation, not to mention modern life, one might have imagined the U.S. Air Force, which operates the system, would have been a bit more vigilant on its upkeep. Apparently, the combination of government bureaucracy, private sector incompetence, and plain old fashioned bad management has left the network of orbiting satellites on the brink of failure. Normal system maintenance is to send up a replacement satellite and let the other burn up in the atmosphere, but the $2 billion replacement program has been plagued by delays and overspending. [Gizmodo]

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