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March 16, 2010


Last night I watched director John Carney’s modern musical, Once, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the it! Actually I could, but that would take a while, and I bet some of the 143 critics who positively reviewed it here have already done a better job. Suffice to say though, the movie almost perfectly represents many aspects of independent artists’ lives. Aside from a scene in which the main characters secure a loan to fund their recording by playing one of their tunes to a banker, (yes folks, if you need a loan and your credit isn’t so hot, just press record!) the film is really honest. As I watched it, I really empathized with Glen Hansard‘s portrayal of the lead character and I couldn’t help but notice how many of his experiences in the film paralleled my own.
One of the most memorable scenes in the movie involves Hansard’s band ‘car testing’ their first album. For those of you who don’t know what a car test is, it’s when a band sets off to listen to their music outside the context of a studio. What I mean by that is that, during this time, the artist tries to become the listener. This is a chance for everyone involved with a project to take off his musical magnifying glass and stop listening to every detail. It’s fun. And the best place to do it is in a car. Why? Because you can’t tinker with a mix there even if you wanted to! Also (ideally) you’re driving far away from the studio so you have to make piece with what you have. I’m pretty sure that every band has done this at some point; but I never really thought about the ubiquity of it until I saw this film. How funny is that?

After watching Once, I felt compelled to go back and check out some of the photos I saved from a’tris’ first recording sessions. I thought it would be fun to share some of those with you here. I hope you enjoy these! Feel free to comment about how incredibly young I look in them if you’d like. I know it’s true.

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