Deadliest Warrior: KGB vs. CIA, Simulation Scenario

June 21, 2010

Here's how I really want to see the simulation going (at least if I was the one in charge):


It would start off like the Mafia vs. Yakuza, with civilians around. Three CIA operatives will be defending some sort of official while he gives a speech. Perhaps it's one of the older US President's being sworn into office. There are plenty of people taking pictures and celebrating. We see one KGB agent behind a camera, looking sinisterly at the president, with a few other suspicious characters checking their coat pockets, making sure their guns are ready.

It's a joyous occasion, people patting each other on the shoulder, and a man standing, unknowingly, next to the KGB "photographer" hands him a cigar in celebration (although obvious in writing, this would be a very subtle, 2 second action on film). The offering man lights his cigar, and the KGB officer accepts, not wanting to look suspicious, putting the cigar in his front pocket. Finally, the KGB man gets the signal, and takes the camera shot. The camera lens explodes, bullet flies towards the official, but the CIA man reacts quickly and takes the bullet, sacrificing himself for his country. CIA: 4, KGB: 5.

Two of the KGB open fire on the stage with their Skorpions, one CIA operative is hit and killed, the other dives on the official, bringing them both to cover. The remaining CIA operative on stage opens fire on the KGB with his M10, which kills two of them. CIA: 3, KGB: 3.

The rest of the KGB run past the scattering crowd of people to regroup, they knock over a few people to get out of the way, including one man carrying a suitcase, who is actually an undercover CIA placed in the crowd. As the three KGB run by, he fires off 4 rounds, killing one KGB member. CIA: 3, KGB: 2.

The KGB sprint into the abandoned building with the suitcase CIA and the M10 CIA right behind them. As the two remaining KGB run into an abandoned building which they have planned out to be their regroup point, one of the KGB looks at one of the loose bricks. Cut back to the CIA, where the two CIA are running through the halls. They see a loose brick with a piece of paper (or something similar to bring attention to it, such as a gun hanging by it's holster from the brick). The M10 wielding CIA officer checks the brick while the suitcase wielding CIA goes on ahead. The spike explodes, killing the M10 CIA, and stumbling the suitcase CIA. CIA: 2, KGB: 2.

Out of a dark corner, the KGB agent opens fire with his Skorpion on the suitcase CIA. The CIA fires off his 3 remaining rounds, all which miss, while getting peppered with gunfire. CIA: 1, KGB: 2.

But wait, where is this other lone CIA operative, you ask? Well as soon as the accomplished KGB officer thinks he's done, the man which handed the KGB photographer the cigar, sneaks up from behind and throws the wire between the KGB neck. There is a short struggle, but the KGB finally lets go. CIA: 1, KGB: 1.

The last CIA turns the corner looking for the last KGB. He passes underneath a tall, thin hallways. The CIA operative walks, but the camera tilts up, showing that the KGB has is positioned himself on the walls near the ceiling (the hallways' thin enough where he can use his arms and legs to shimmy up above the door and remain there. If that's to far-fetched, he can just be hiding in some corner). He jumps down and tries to attack the CIA hand to hand. The CIA notices and a fight ensues. It's close, but the KGB obviously has more hand to hand combat training. The CIA goes for a punch, but the KGB grabs his arm, straight up Systema style. Now in complete control, the KGB flicks his shoe-knife, and lands a quick jab into the side of the CIA. The CIA operative falls to his knees and collapses. Scoreboard shoes CIA: 0, KGB: 1.

The scoreboard fades and the KGB drops the lifeless CIA on the ground. The KGB spits on the CIA, saying something similar to "Capitalist Pig" in Russian. Then, the KGB reaches into his pocket and goes to smoke the cigar he forgot about, as a bit of a victory celebration. A few puffs in and BOOM! The KGB falls to the ground, his face a bloody mess. Then, out of the blue, the CIA operative steps up slowly, obviously in some pain. He takes off his shirt to reveal that he's wearing body armor. The shoe-knife hit did penetrate, and he is bleeding, but not enough to kill. Scoreboard comes back on: CIA: 1, KGB: 0.

The CIA operative buttons himself up, and looks at the dead KGB. "You got a little something on your face."

(And if you're wondering Spike Management;  yes, I will take that writing job)