Scream Awards? More Like Teen choice Awards.

September 2, 2009

Spike Scream Awards huh?

Might as well call this "Teen Choice Awards part 2" since they've added Twilight to 3/4 of the awards.
I've seen nothing but 13 year old girls making comments after voting so I have no hope for real movies.

A fantastic film "Let The Right One In" (a REAL Vampire movie) is nominated, but most of the people leaving comments after voting aren't old enough to see it, or would be turned off by "subtitles"

I thoughs Spike was the guys channel? Show me a guy who likes Twilight, and I'll show you a guy who styles hair. Apparently Spike is trying to catch the 13 year old girl viewer.

I usually look forward to the Spike Scream Awards, but if they're allowing shit like pansy assed Vampire Tween movies in, I won't even bother to watch it this year.

See you in 2010 Scream Awards

-Don of the Dead