Get to Second Base with iPhone Boob App

September 29, 2008

Blogger Technohippy has been working a long time on making fake boobs for your iPhone.  In fact, this is the third generation of his synthetically sexy app, and he’s just about perfected it.  Hit the jump for details and a demo. 

Click the pic for a totally sweet demo of the 1st generation boob manipulator with flash-driven customizable parameters.  Like yourself a medium-sized, firm breast with a high nipple placement?  Technohippy says, "Can do!"  Welcome to the internet. 


The 2nd generation took fake boob playtime to different medium altogether by manipulating a webcam allowing you to squeeze fake boobs onscreen by squeezing nothing with your hand in real life.  Sound lame? It was.  Here’s a video. 

The newest incarnation, in typical iPhone app style, is much more simple.  It consists of a fully white boob shape that you can manipulate howsoever you wish your curious, technophillic fingertips.