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The Blog Before Christmas

by Robbie E   December 23, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 3,141

What's up, bro? Back this week with another Bro Man Blog and it's the holidays!

So... What does Robbie E want for Christmas, bro? Everybody has been asking cause everybody wants to send this bro man gifts! Well here is what I put on my list to Santa this year.


5 - Rabbit - Animals attract chicks bro, what can I say? And I need something I can keep in a cage so it doesn't get messy in my beautiful house. A rabbit is perfect. Plus it's cute enough to get the job done.

4 - Vacation - All I do is travel. So although I'm wanting to get away from planes, hotels and rental cats this holiday season, a vacation where I can actually relax and do nothing sounds beyond amazing. Boom boom boom.

3 - Tiffani Amber Thiessen – Yes, Kelly from Saved by the Bell and Valerie from 90210 is what I want for Christmas bro. Definitely not a long shot for this Bro Man. Way doable. Just one date, I would win her heart, bro.

2 - Time Machine - I wanna get a machine where I can go in with Bro Man Jessie and relive my bro past. Imagine being a 4 year old bro again. Or an 11 yr old bro again. Or maybe just relive the 12th grade since the 3 times I was in it before didn't get the job done.

1 - Protein Fountain - Sounds crazy, but anything is possible for me and Jessie. So sick of soda dispensing at food places, bro. How about a choice of protein? Chocolate or vanilla flavored. Maybe some glutamine or BCAA packets on the side to add to it. Sounds awesome to me bro.

Well. Shop away and ya can send any gifts to the IMPACT WRESTLING offices. Until next week. BOOM. Be a bro!!

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