Anticipating Apple's iPad 3 Unveil With Katie Linendoll

March 6, 2012

Hey! Katie Linendoll here for All Access Weekly, guys. By now, it's safe to assume that Apple's much buzzed, blogged and gossiped-about "Special Event" tomorrow will be an introduction of the new iPad 3.

Let's take a comprehensive look at what the upgrade is most likely to entail.

First off, it's probably not going to be an intensive re-imagining of the iPad 2. A few improvements and tweaks, but nothing too paradigm-shifting. Closer in scope to the bump-up from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S.

It also doesn't look like we're going to see a 7" form factor iPad Mini. Not yet, at least.

Here are some of the new features we can look forward to:

RETINA DISPLAY, which will double the current screen resolution to 2048 x 1536

A FASTER PROCESSOR, and most likely a new A6 chip, though it's unclear whether it'll be a dual or quad-core model

A BETTER CAMERA, up to 8MP rear-facing


SIRI INTEGRATION, which most Apple products will incorporate moving forward

You might've heard mention of another product being unveiled at the event as well, which is spot-on. The verbiage on Apple Invites is always a good indicator of what's coming out, and it's pointing to two new products. There are country-wide retail shortages of Apple TVs, which could be because they're making way for the next generation of that product. There is still a very small chance we could see a glimmer of the much rumored full on Apple television imagined to hit retail around fall - but it's not likely.

Stay tuned for Wednesday's post, which will offer full coverage of the Apple event from location, along with a more detailed review of the iPad 3.

And in the mean time, talk nerdy to me. Tell me what YOU would like to see revealed.

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Source: Apple