New Image from A Nightmare on Elm Street

December 2, 2009

A new image from the reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street is here and it's pretty dang creepy. It's looking like horror fans won't be disappointed by the new version of this classic film. Jackie Earle Haley is going to terrify us all when this movie comes out in April of next year. Hit the jump to see the full image.


Scared yet? It's true, we can't really see Freddy's face, but there's enough here to give us chills. Makes you think of Wolverine, except minus the desire to fight for justice.

So was the reboot of this franchise a good idea, or should the filmmakers have left good enough alone? Is the world ready for a re-imagining of Freddy Krueger -- and if so, do you think Jackie Earle Haley is going to be everything we'd want in a Freddy?

Source: Warner Bros.