Episode 9 on the way.

August 11, 2009

Robert E. Lee vs. Napoleon Bonaparte

The final episode of my fictional second season for Deadliest Warrior is turning out to epic! I'm busily researching the weapons, armies, tactics and commanders of the day and trying to find a way to condense all that information into an entertaining package.

For those of you waiting in anticipation, here are the match-ups that I'm researching. I'm focusing on 1863 and the battle of Chancellorsville for Lee and 1805 and the battle of Austerlitz for Napoleon. Each are considered the general's greatest victories.

Deception vs. Position

Grand Armee (75,000) vs. Army of Northern Virginia (75,000)

Cavalry Reserve (6,000) vs. JEB Stuart's Cavalry Corps (8,000)

V Corps (15,000) vs. Early's Division, 2nd Corps (12,000)

I Corps (10,000) vs. Longstreet's Division, 1st Corps (15,000)

IV Corps (25,000) vs. A.P Hill's Light Division, 2nd Corps (18,000)

III Corps (7,000) vs. Jackson's Division, 2nd Corps (10,000)

Napoleon's Imperial Guard (12,000) vs. Anderson's Division, 1st Corps (12,000)

Marshals vs. Generals

Murat (Cavalry Reserve) vs. JEB Stuart (Cavalry Corps)

Lannes (V Corps) vs. Jubal Early (2nd Corps)

Bernadotte (I Corps) vs. Longstreet (1st Corps)

Soult (IV Corps) vs. A.P Hill (2nd Corps)

Louis Davout (III Corps) vs. Stonewall Jackson (2nd Corps)

Napoleon (Imperial Guard) vs. Lee (Anderson's Division, 1st Corps)


Close Range
Swords, Bayonets, and Pikes vs. Swords, Bayonets, and Bowie Knives

Flintlock Pistol vs. Colt 1851 Navy Revolver

Long Range
Charleville model 1777 Musket vs. Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifled Musket

Napoleonic 8-pounder vs. Napoleon 12-pounder