Lenovo's Lifestyle PC Ripoff

March 16, 2009

Lenovo has unveiled plans for their own netbook that is as blatant a ripoff of the Sony P-Series netbook as you can get.  That being said, it looks way better.

It's called the Yoga, and it appears to be even less deep in dimension than the Vaio, and if it really comes leather-bound like in the concept renderings, I could use it around town without feeling like a namby pamby who needs a European carry-all to tote my teeny computer and all my coupon books around. 


Awesomely, it appears that one would be able to flip the screen around and use it as a touch pad in addition to as a (semi-) traditional netbook with a keyboard.  Radness.  And Lenovo isn’t exclusively for the wealthy, like Vaio.  So I’d expect it to be fairly reasonably priced for what you’d get.


Source: Lenovo