David Goyer Writing Batman 3?

February 8, 2010

David Goyer, the second guy to head ABC's new show FlashForward, is also stepping down from head boss duties. Seems his schedule has become a lot busier now that he's got more movies to write. Could one of these movies possibly be...Batman 3?

Nikki Finke reports that Goyer is busy writing the third Batman film, though it seems like she's going off a more general statement he's made about his feature-writing career:

...showrunner David Goyer has left with five episodes still to shoot. Of course, Goyer's feature career is really heating up, since he co-wrote Batman Begins, and penned the story for The Dark Knight, and is now writing the third Batman installment with Chris Nolan's brother Jonah. ("As my feature projects have started ramping up again, I felt I was being pulled in too many directions," Goyer said in a statement. "I'm proud of the show and excited about the relaunch. It's in great hands.")

As far as FlashForward getting ditched by another showrunner, this doesn't seem like shocking news. The show was clearly stupid right from the get-go and has only gotten worse. But as far as Goyer's screenwriting career goes, we don't have a whole lot of information about where the third Batman is, script-wise. Until we hear something from his or Christopher Nolan's mouth it's going to be hard to know just where along in the process they are, or if they're in any stage of the process.

If this is true, and Nolan and Goyer are knee-deep in the third Batman, then that's great news. It seemed for a long time like Nolan was interested in anything other than doing the next sequel, so it's good to hear one of the main guys on the script writing team being referenced to this movie.

Source: ABC