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Back for Blood Match 3: Tahj the Persian Immortal vs. Arman the Rajput

by MarekTheWarrior   December 03, 2010 at 11:21PM  |  Views: 1,533

Note: These are not real people.They have been given names for the pure fun of it.

The undying soldiers that bought Persia into it's highest point of power, the Persian Immortal.The Kshatriyas of Rajasthan, who protected it at any cost, the Rajputs.Will the Persian soldier hold true to his name, of will the Rajasthani Samurai cut him in half?In this battle of skilled berserkers, who will reign supreme?


I'm very sorry about the delay.Here's the awaited article-

The Persian Immortals were amazing foot-soldiers of the Persian army.They gained their nicknames because when one soldier was unable to fight, another would quickly take his place, making the horde seemingly unstoppable.

Persian Immortal:

Short Range: Sagaris

Medium Range: Scimitar*

Long Range: Persian Bow

Special Weapons: Persian Spear

Armor: Tiara, Scale Coat, Wicker Shield

Other: Martial Choreography 

The Rajputs were heavily trained warriors of Rajasthan.They would fight off invaders to their region, along with invaders of India in general (along with many other Kshatriyas fighting alongside).


Short Range: Katar

Medium Range: Khanda

Long Range: Chakram

Special Weapons: Tabar**

Armor: Khula Khud, Chilta Hazar Masha, Dhaal Shield

Other: Martial Skill

*The Persian Immortal will not be granted the chariot, as horses are the highest I'm willing to go in terms of 'vehicles' (for lack of better word).

**The Aara was rarely used by Rajputana in warfare; it was a weapon used in the Indian martial art Kalaripayattu.

Sagaris: A very strong battle axe.It has a very good swing to it, and it's heavy edge can definitely do some damage.The other end is a hug spike, capable of penetrating armor.The only setback is that it's short, but it's still very fast and capable of killing.Rating: 8.8

Katar: When there are 2 of these, you can not escape the death.They can deflect attack easily and still be used to attack.They are very sharp, heavy, and fast.They don't have much range, and their penetrating ability is not too good.However, given the Persian's armor , I doubt that'll matter.Rating: 8.8

Edge: The edge actually goes to the Sagaris.Since both can penetrate the other's armor, the edge will go to the longer weapon, because if you reach them first, you kill them first.Only by some inches, the edge goes to the Persian battle axe.

Scimitar: I'll give you a hint: the Kilij was designed after it.It looks just like it, actually.It's very curved and thin, fast and precise, and yes, probably capable of cutting through some piggies.However, don't expect the same exact performance, as the Kilij was more advanced.Rating: 9.4

Khanda: The signature weapon of the Rajput.It's like the Katana to the Samurai, except they actually used it in battle.They valued these swords, respected them, and had a connection with them.But let's get to the bloody part- they can easily cut through pigs.It's double-edged, has a lot of power and force, and is deadly for sure in the arms of a Rajput.Rating: 9.6

Edge: No bias here, I promise.The Rajput has armor that will provide the Immortal with at most a 4 inch wound with the Scimitar.It can't stab to get through it, either.But the Rajput can cut through many vulnerable areas while fully shielded, giving him the edge.

Persian Bow: Good range, accuracy, power,- man, this thing's the whole pack.It's speedy, and even from super-long distances, it has good accuracy.I'd say it's one of the best bows of Deadliest Warrior, but then there were those Spartans...Rating: 9.1

Chakram: It's pretty heavy, and has a lot of power.Impressive, for sure, and will definitely grant the Rajput a good amount of kills.But it doesn't have nearly as much range as the Persian Bow.Rating: 8.2

Edge: Do I have to even type it?The Chakram has speed, accuracy, and power.But the bow has all that, plus range, and that's the deciding factor in the edge.

Persian Spear: A very strong spear.It has a balancing butt (lol sorry I couldn't help it) which can be used to hit.But forget about that little advantage, it has a huge leaf-shaped point!It may be able to even penetrate the Rajput's armor, even though I'm doubtful.Rating: 8.7

Tabar: It's basically an Indian Halberd.It's huge, heavy, and long, along with the fact it has a spike AND axe-head.It will definitely get through the Persian's defenses, and easily, too.Bye-bye, erm... Persian guy's head.Rating: 9.4

Edge: The Tabar can cleave and stab, the Spear can only stab, the edge is obvious.

Tiara, Scale Coat, Wicker Shield: It's effective for an archer or something of the sort.The Tiara (don't laugh) protects the head quite well, but not as good as a helmet.Unless you're fighting sand.The Scale Coat is actually quite flexible, but doesn't cover the whole Persian.And the wicker shield isn't the best shield ever.Rating: 7.1

Khula Khud, Chilta Hazar Masha, Dhaal Shield: Awesome!The Khula Khud provides very good head protection, the Chilta Hazar Masha is a very flexible and powerful combination, more powerful than most armor yet flexible, too.The Dhaal is metal, with 5 bosses.Think Viking Shield made of metal.Rating: 9.3

Edge: Oh come on I'm tired.JK JK.But seriously, you know the edge goes to- right?The Persian is an open slab of meat,The Rajput is in strong, flexible, packaging.

Martial Choreography: The Immortals used their individual selves as every single member of the army.They know what to do, and they're very good in tactics.The Immortal, with one on one, may be slightly disadvantaged, yet he still uses it to his advantage.Rating: 8.6

Martial Skill: The Rajputs were very well trained in martial arts, and were strong, persistent, and skilled.They knew how to get around you, how to trick you, etc..They used every aspect they learned from their Indian martial arts (and don't forget, India gave rise to Kung-Fu).Rating: 8.8

Edge: Just by a little.They are essentially the same, but one works better with teams, the other will always work awesome.

Yes, yes, my sons and daughters.The testing has been completed.Read on to find the answer to the question at the top of the page.