Mantenna – Apple Announces the iPhone 4S

October 4, 2011
Apple announces the iPhone 4S, trolls start suing hotels for having WiFi, and Hank Williams Jr. apologizes for his Obama rant…the Mantenna smells like victory!

Apple Announces the iPhone 4S

Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News

Elating iPhone fans and deflating gadget nerds who were hoping for an all new iPhone, the iPhone 4S is hitting shelves. It's basically like the iPhone 4, only it's got a faster processor, better battery life, faster download speeds, dual antennas for easy switching so calls don't drop, a much better short, it's basically leaps and bounds better than your old iPhone, but they don't call it the iPhone 5 because it has the same case. Oh, it'll also has Siri, which means you can ask your phone to schedule a meeting, find a good place to eat, or what the weather is, and it'll do it for you. So you have yet another reason to ditch your iPhone.[Apple]

Trolls Suing Hotels For...Having WiFi?

Hey, if I sue you for an amount of money far cheaper than hiring a lawyer to fight the suit, and push for a settlement, all due to a patent I have that may not even be valid, that's extortion, right? Not according to one company, Innovatio, which apparently has the patent to sending waves through the air. Innovatio has been suing pretty much any business that offers free WiFi for infringing on their patent, which apparently involves plugging in a router you can buy at Staples and not password-protecting it. But don't worry! They're not desperate enough to sue you! Yet! They just want their fair share of something that costs nothing and they have no actual stake in![Patent Examiner]

Hank Williams Jr. Apologizes for Obama Rant

Photo: Michael Loccisan/Getty Images Entertainment

Following the blowback after his radical comments comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler yesterday on Fox & Friends, Hank Williams Jr. has issued an apology for the extremely harsh political words with an official statement. Williams stated: "The thought of the leaders of both parties jukin [sic] and high fiven [sic] on a golf course, while so many families are struggling to get by simply made me boil over and make a dumb statement." Whether or not he truly meant what he said, it does seem like Williams is well aware that he might have opened his mouth a little too wide this time around. "I am very sorry if it offended anyone. I would like to thank all my supporters. This was not written by some publicist," Williams added. Sounds like Hank might need a long vacation. [HWJ]