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Ton And Allen Go Fishing For Cash

by AaronAhmadi   November 25, 2011 at 8:00PM  |  Views: 23,690
San Diego's one of the busiest commercial ports in the country - in other words, it's storage container heaven for the Auction Hunters. Ton and Allen made their way down this week to the beach city to see what great finds they could dig up this time, and boy did they have a blast. Let's find out how it all went down in "America's Finest City."



Ton and Allen arrived on the scene ready to find some sweet deals…but they weren't alone. As Ton said so eloquently, "big auctions draw in big crowds," so the boys had competition up the wazoo this week. Even more interesting was the fact that a lot of the locals there were newbies with fat wallets, which can always be annoying for veteran auction hunters. The first container unit seemed okay for Ton and Allen: a mink coat, an oak dining chair, and maybe some other goodies. Allen said firmly he wouldn't do more than $300 for the unit, so when the locals threw out bids faster than a speeding bullet, it sold for $525 to one of the locals there. Talk about a lightning-quick auction! Ton and Allen were shocked - $525, really? Maybe the San Diegan saw something in the unit that they didn't. After a few more rounds of not-so-awesome units, Allen declared it to be "amateur hour": these locals weren't just breaking the rules and peeping in the units further than they should have, they were moving boxes, opening boxes, and sniffing around like k-9 dogs. Eventually the auctioneer brings out the "Military Unit" which had what looked like a carpet steamer, a weed whacker, and an army footlocker....gentleman, start your bidding! The locals jump in on the bidding madness but Ton takes the unit for a cool $325, a very nice steal. Next up was the "Vintage Collectible Unit" and boy does this one get the attention of every bidder in a 10-mile radius, because the bids were all over the place. When Allen throws out the last highest bid of $475, the "loca" local broke the rules again, going inside the unit to decide whether or not he's still interested, and then decided he isn't - so the Auction Hunters win it. Stay outta Ton and Allen's unit, you!


Sold For: $7,000

When a container unit is named the "Military Unit", you know you got a goldmine on your hands: weapons, tactical training gear, almost anything could fetch some serious cash in there. So the boys got to work, rummaging through the many boxes when Ton found a rifle scope, modern day KA-BAR knife, and a self-inflating offshore life raft. Allen loved the sweet finds so far, but knew there was a big kahuna lying around somewhere, and he was right on the money because right after they uncovered a box full of MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System) gear. With this awesome find they had no time to waste and went to a tactical training facility outside of San Diego to see Craig Gottlieb, a militaria buyer and former marine himself. Craig tells the boys the drill: get into the line of fire and test the MILES gear out and he'll make an offer. Obviously the only logical thing was for Craig and Ton to take aim at Allen and let'er rip – run Allen, run! After the fun was over, Ton and Allen got down to business with Craig and agreed on swapping the MILES gear for $7,000 in cash. Who knew laser tag could be so expensive?


Sold For: $9,500

It was then time for the mother of all container units: the "Vintage Collectible Unit." Every word in that title just screams "Ka-Ching" so the Auction Hunters were more excited for this than a kid opening presents on Christmas Day. First, they uncover a tow truck pushbar…not a bad start, Ton. Allen then started to dig up wooden parts of what looked like a chair. This baby had a Marlin logo on it, so the boys knew it was legit. As Ton and Allen put the pieces of the puzzle together they realized it was indeed a fighting chair, used for fishing marlins and other big fish that'll tug you off your boat and into depths of the ocean. Ah yes, what could be more fitting in San Diego than some pricy fishing gear? Allen immediately got to work on the fighting chair to bring it back to life, using some varnish, elbow grease, and restored it to brand new. With their shiny new toy, the boys ventured over to the San Diego Marlin Club to meet with Captain Bob, a Big Game fisherman. Bob absolutely loved the chair and said it could fetch anywhere between $7,500 and $12,000, putting a smile on Allen's face. The Captain cut to the chase and asked Allen what the bottom line on this beauty was, and Allen responded with $12,000. The Captain fired back with $7,500, but eventually they both settled on $9,500. Looks like ol' Captain Bob took the bait, boys! Next was time to see what this fighting chair could do in the ocean, so Ton, Allen, and Captain Bob installed it on a boat and headed out for some big time fishing. Allen of course then had to show off his fishing skills and nabbed a 25 lb. Marlin…mmmm….Marlin.

San Diego being a busy port city and border town means it always has awesome loot, and this week was no exception: Ton and Allen bought two container units for $800, sold their items for $18,940, and netted a nice $18,140 profit. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel!

Wanna see Allen wrestle with a 25 lb. Marlin in the deep blue sea? Then head on over to Spike.com for this week's episode "Reel Money" now available online. As always, keep up with the boys on the Auction Hunters Facebook fan page for the latest news and updates. All-new episodes featuring your favorite auction hunting hosts air Tuesdays at 10/9c.